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Wheaton-Glenmont started out as a census-designated place in Montgomery County, Maryland until 2010 when the U.S. Census split into two census-designated places of Wheaton and Glenmont. But residents here consider the two names ever-intertwined. The Glenmont station serves the Metro’s Red Line, offering convenient access to our nation’s capital.

The community of Wheaton has been designated as a State of Maryland Arts and Entertainment District, the third in Montgomery County. This provides artists working here with an income tax break and also allows developers who create spaces for artists to live and work exemptions from certain property taxes on the value of renovations up to 10 years.

Construction Debris Hauling

123JUNK provides junk hauling services to builders, remodelers and developers who help renovate artist workspaces and renew the community’s aging homes. We load up and haul away construction debris during the renovation and junk and debris left behind in homes by previous homeowners. Realtors and property managers also use our services for foreclosure and move-out needs.

Home and Business Owner Junk Removal

But that’s not all we do. 123JUNK helps homeowners and company owners to remove junk and unwanted items from their homes and businesses. Outdated electronics, old appliances, unused furniture or household items, business equipment…these items shouldn’t be cluttering up your space. We also haul away debris and yard trash.

Call 123JUNK and we’ll gladly and professionally remove unwanted items from your house or company, no matter how big or small the job. We’ve taken as little as one piece of furniture and as much as an entire home’s worth of contents away.

123JUNK’s Green Initiative Helps You

You don’t have to worry about sorting through the items you wish to dispose of. We’ll do that for you. With our Donate-Recycle-Dispose process, we deliver any reusable items to one of our charitable partners like A Wider Circle to repurpose back into the community. Then we sort out any recyclable items such as electronics and metals to take them to the recycling facility. Any item that doesn’t fall into one of these categories goes to our final stop: the dump. But even here, most of the contents we deliver go to Covanta Energy where they are converted into energy through combustion. Americans create 250 million tons of trash each year; 123JUNK wants to reduce that number.

Have you seen our big red trucks in your neighborhood? You may start seeing them more often as 123JUNK’s reputation grows, thanks to the rave reviews we receive from our clients. With an office located in Montgomery County, we are an essential service located in your own neighborhood, and people recognize the value we provide. We invite you to call 123JUNK today for a convenient flat-rate quote on hauling away your unwanted items. You’ll enjoy the extra space and peace of mind once your junk is gone.

Customer Reviews - Rockville, MD

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“From the initial conversation on the phone to the pickup, I was impressed with the process and everyone involved. It seems like a well-run organization.”