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123JUNK provides junk removal services in Washington, DC, servicing a range of clients, from government officials and diplomats to contractors and renters.

With tight city streets and booming demand for parking spaces, many district residents elect to commute without a vehicle via the city’s public transit and taxi systems. Although urban living can be convenient for shopping and commuting, it can often be a hindrance for folks short on vehicles and manpower who are moving things in and out of their homes.

You can trust us to haul those unwanted items from your property

Whether it’s a townhouse or row house, an apartment, a condominium, a single family home, or an office, 123JUNK can help you declutter your space and dispose of your unwanted items responsibly. You show our friendly, uniformed crews what you want removed, and our Donate-Recycle-Dispose process ensures that your items find the appropriate home. All of the costs for your appointment are covered by one simple flat fee, which is agreed upon before the crew starts the job.

We can take all kinds of items away for you. whether you've got bulky appliancesfurniture or trash, our skilled teams can quickly and easily get them out of your property. 123JUNK is fully insured to go into your property and carry your items out for you.

Too good to throw away?

We understand that, even though we’re a junk hauling service, we don’t just pick up “junk.” When our clients are relocating, good quality items are often left over. Because of that, 123JUNK partners with local charities like A Wider Circle, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity, where your items can live on in the homes of your underprivileged neighbors in the DC area.

123JUNK can also take away your recyclables. We specialize in electronics recycling, making sure that heavy metals and toxins from your favorite gadgets don’t end up in our landfills or our water supplies. We’ll take care of your computers, TVs, printers, stereos, and practically anything else that plugs into a wall.

No room for a roll-off dumpster in your DC neighborhood!

Most of our Washington, DC clients don’t have the luxury of an extra parking space to set a dumpster for a few days while they clean out their homes or prepare them for relocation. Even when you have the space, you may run into issues with permitting due to HOA or municipal regulations.

123JUNK is your full-service solution to the problem. Our “dumpster” is on wheels, and labor is included! We can simply pull up to your home or office, load up the truck, and have everything taken away—sometimes in just a matter of minutes.

Call us today and learn for yourself why everybody is talking about 123JUNK!

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“My experience is you're totally on the right track, great customer service AND at a reasonable price.”