123Junk Staff Hauling Junk away from South Riding Home

Situated on the far eastern border of Loudoun County, South Riding straddles two of the richest counties in the US (Loudoun and Fairfax).  With easy access to the Dulles Corridor, South Riding is poised for staggering growth over the course of the next decade. Similarly, 123JUNK has enjoyed prosperous growth over the last handful of years, and happily welcomes all of our new neighbors still to arrive in South Riding as well as the neighboring communities of Aldie and Middleburg.

Moving into a New Home in South Riding

Residents of South Riding are used to seeing new homes crop up on a regular basis. Along with those new homes come laundry lists of chores and other duties. Just like you might pay a landscaping company to mow your lawn, 123JUNK is at your disposal (no pun intended!) to relieve you of your de-cluttering and hauling duties.

Your Old Stuff

Do you have some old furniture that has been dragged along with you from home to home since your college days? Maybe you’re upgrading some of your home furnishings, and you just don’t have a good place for the old stuff. 123JUNK can probably donate those for you through our extensive charity network. Give us a call at the office and we can explain how our innovative Donate – Recycle – Dispose system works.

Construction Debris Pickups

All of the new growth in South Riding means lots of new construction, and that means lots of construction waste and debris, as well. In areas where it doesn’t make sense to use a dumpster or leave it out for the weekly trash service, 123JUNK can help! Based in Chantilly, 123JUNK provides quick turnaround times and the exceptional level of service that our current clients have come to expect. And don’t forget—we’ll sweep up when we’re done!

South Riding, Virginia Electronics and Appliance Removal

These days, it seems like that “new” TV or computer you bought just a handful of months ago is rapidly becoming obsolete. For a company like 123JUNK, with a great track record of environmental stewardship, the prospect of those devices being tossed out with the trash is regrettable. That’s where our process really shines through.

Don’t throw away those old TVs and gadgets. Let 123JUNK take them for you! We redirect consumer electronics that would traditionally go into the trash can, and turn them over to electronics recyclers who recycle and repurpose them so that the devices (or their components) can live on.

We also specialize in environmentally responsible appliance disposal. We’ll even recover the refrigerant from your old refrigerators before we recycle them, so all you have to worry about is when you can meet us at your property for services. Call 123JUNK today and have your junk removed tomorrow!

Customer Reviews - South Riding, VA

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“Ryan, Eddy & Paul were personable, professional and very efficient in removing unwanted items in my basement. Great job guys!!”