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As the name implies, Potomac, MD abuts the northern bank of the Potomac River. The village that originally started as a farming community is now an affluent suburb of Washington, DC, and home to many influential and powerful figures in government and business. Potomac boasts some of the country’s best schools and a median household income that consistently ranks at or near the top for US towns.

A Higher Standard of Junk Removal Service In Potomac, MD

Well-crafted, well-maintained homes require a level of protection that most junk removal companies simply don’t provide. 123JUNK sets the bar high in professional junk removal services, offering a level of home protection that you typically only see with a professional moving company. All of our trucks carry padding and protection for stair rails, floors, doors, and door frames. Our exceptional crews make sure that no preventable damage is ever done to your home or property.


Not everything we pick up is junk, and we understand that sometimes you have to purge items that are still useful. We have a system for that. Thanks to our Donate-Recycle-Dispose process, we can reallocate the nicer things that we haul away, and we’ll also make sure that you get a receipt in the mail once the items have been successfully donated.

Potomac Appliance and Furniture Removal

Whether you’re selling your home or just upgrading your furnishings, 123JUNK can take away your unneeded appliances and furniture and see that they are handled properly. In instances where furniture or appliances are deemed unfit for donation by our charity partners, we take the necessary steps to recover refrigerant and recycle items according to the proper regulations. Our commitment to the environment means that your pickup won’t become another contribution to a local landfill.

Largest Trucks In The Business

123JUNK operates the largest standardized truck of any fleet in the DC area. Potomac residents can depend on us to provide the best value for your dollar on large pickups, because we can haul more in one trip.

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“From the discussions on the phone to the guys that showed up...everyone was positive and professional.”