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Olney, Maryland is a mostly-residential community located just 20 miles north of Washington, D.C. and has made the list of one of “America’s Best Places to Live” in Money magazine’s “top-earning towns” edition. Originally farmland, Olney is now home to families and supporting businesses.

With its proximity to all the resources offered by our nation’s capital, Olney residents both work and play hard, and don’t want to spend their time clearing out their basements or attics, or hauling yard waste to the dump. They call 123JUNK to do the job.

Homeowners and Businesses Rely on 123JUNK

Do you have an old refrigerator that needs to go? Is your garage so full you can’t get the car into it? Have the kids moved out but left all their childhood toys or swingset behind? These are just some of the reasons homeowners call 123JUNK.

Business owners also rely on 123JUNK for junk removal. Do you have old printers, electronic equipment and office furniture cluttering up the office? Our professional, uniformed staff will remove these items for you and dispose of them properly using our three-pronged approach.

123JUNK’s Donate-Recycle-Dispose Initiative

When we pick up items from your home or business, we run them through our three-fold process of Donate-Recycle-Dispose. Items that are still usable are donated to our charitable partners like A Wider Circle or Habitat for Humanity to recycle back into the community. Materials that can be recycled are delivered to your local recycling facility, and all other items are taken to the area landfill. This is our mission to keep Olney beautiful and its environment healthy.

Convenient Flat-Rate Pricing

123JUNK’s will offer you a flat-rate quote on any junk hauling job so you know exactly how much to expect. Then we will efficiently and safely remove your items, taking care not to cause damage to your walls, floors or doorways. We are strict in training our professionals to safely manage any size project.

Labor-Only Services

Sometimes you just need a helping hand when moving heavy objects around in your home or business. Perhaps you’re painting a room and need to move the furniture to another room or floor, or maybe you want to relocate a set of file cabinets to your storage area. 123JUNK offers a labor-only service that can provide the manpower you need for a single, or multiple, projects.

123JUNK is pleased to serve the community of Olney. You’re sure to see our big red trucks around town as we help Olney residents clean up and clear out. Be sure to call us today for your junk removal job.

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“From the discussions on the phone to the guys that showed up...everyone was positive and professional.”