Home and Business Junk Removal and Hauling Northern Virginia

With a population of almost three million, some of the highest income levels in the country and Washington, D.C. right next door, Northern Virginians are busy people living active lifestyles. Whether working in the nation’s capital or visiting its historic sites, residents value their time and want to make the most of it.

So when Northern Virginians want junk removed from their homes or places of business, they call in the professionals: 123JUNK.

Residents and Business Owners Trust 123JUNK

123JUNK has served the Northern Virginia region since 2008, so we know our customers and what they need us to do. Individuals, couples and families want to make optimal use of their home space and spend their time doing something fun or productive – not hauling boxes downstairs from the attic or taking the old refrigerator to the dump. Your life is busy enough already. Just call us when you need unwanted household appliances, TVs, computer components, furniture, leftover remodeling materials, yard debris or anything else removed from your home or yard.  

123JUNK also serves businesses large and small, including government offices. Like you, we are professionals who take pride in our work and a job well-done.

As a business owner, you know that time is money and that managing your time for maximum efficiency is especially vital for your continued success and growth. Instead of paying your employees to do the dirty work, call 123JUNK. We have some of the largest trucks and uniformed professional workers who can handle jobs of any size.

We also offer onsite assistance to move heavy or bulky items around, through our labor-only service. If you are having new furniture, appliances or equipment delivered and need to relocate the older items to another area, call 123JUNK and leave the heavy lifting to us.

We Make Being Green Easy

Recycling and donation are integral parts of our services, reflecting our strong commitment to environmental sustainability and community service. We have the experience and expertise to comply with all government environmental laws, such as delivering electronics to the appropriate recycling facility and ensuring that freon is removed from refrigerators and air conditioners.

We also sort out items that are in good condition or can be repaired for donation to our Northern Virginia charity partners, such as Pender Thrift ReGift and Habitat ReStore of Northern Virginia. This keeps usable items out of the landfill and in circulation where people can make good use of them.

Economical, Efficient, Customized Services

Our flat fee pricing system includes everything you need in one easy-to-read invoice so you know exactly what you’re paying and what you’re paying for before any work is done.  We charge by volume, not weight or man hours, so you only pay for what’s being hauled away.

When families or businesses need to get their space decluttered, they know who to call. That’s 123JUNK. Call us today for an estimate on cleaning out your space.

Customer Reviews - Leesburg, VA

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“The truck with it's staff arrived within 5 minutes of the time requested and the project was completed within 30 minutes. The staff members were polite, well dressed and well organized. The truck and it's equipment was spotless and well maintained. Their overall service exemplified professionalism at it's finest.”