Junk removal services in Georgetown, Washington DC

Tree-lined cobblestone sidewalks, historic mansions, gourmet restaurants, and nightlife entertainment are just some of the attractions in Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood. There’s a lot to enjoy, so residents and business owners don’t want to spend time on things they don’t have to—like hauling junk.

They call 123JUNK instead.

We Take Whatever You Don’t Want

From old furniture and broken household appliances to yard waste from homes, or old office equipment, desks and boxes of paper from businesses, 123JUNK has the manpower and carrying capacity to handle jobs of all sizes. No matter how large the item or how small the pile, 123JUNK will haul it away for you.

No dragging large, heavy items to the dump. No dumpsters sitting in your driveway or on the street taking up space or causing violations. Our trained and uniformed staff loads everything in our big red trucks and drives it away so you don’t have to do a thing except point us toward the pile.

Flat Fee Pricing

123JUNK has been serving Washington, D.C. since 2008, so we know what our customers and neighborhoods require, and have the professional experience to provide it from beginning to end. We start with flat-fee pricing, providing an itemized invoice of all the services you’ll receive so you know exactly what you’ll be paying before we even begin work.

123JUNK is Environmentally-Friendly

Once we’ve removed the items from your home or place of business, even in mixed loads, we sort it appropriately, sending reusable items like furniture to local charity partners like Habitat for Humanity, recyclable items to the recycling center, and the remainder to the dump. All of these services and more are included at no extra charge. It’s our pledge to the environment.

Junk Removal for Construction and Remodeling Sites

Whether you’re having your home or business remodeled or you run a Georgetown-based construction business, 123JUNK can clear away unneeded building materials, keeping work areas and pathways clear so builders can do their work safely and efficiently. We are experts at working on-site with construction and remodeling crews, carpenters, and contractors and can save you both time and money.

For junk hauling in and around Georgetown, there is only one choice: 123JUNK. Call us today for a quick turnaround.

Customer Reviews - Washington, DC

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“Your employees were polite, worked really hard, dealt calmly with complicated parking situation, and were problem-solvers.”