Junk Removal, Appliance and Furniture Removal Friendship Heights DC

The suburb-in-a-city feel of Washington, D.C.’s Friendship Heights combines the hominess of upscale residential living with the convenience of a nearby shopping epicenter and weekend nightlife. Here, the neighborhood’s residents and retail businesses alike rely on 123JUNK for their trash removal needs, whether they are moving in, moving out, moving up, or just cleaning up their homes and businesses. From outdated household appliances and old furniture to leftover remodeling and construction materials, 123JUNK stands ready to take the junk you don’t want off your hands for good.

Taking Care of Business

Unwanted clutter doesn’t just take up valuable space in your offices or business: it makes your operations less efficient. You and your employees have better things to do than haul items to the dump and shouldn’t stop doing what they do best to play cleanup crew. That’s 123JUNK’s job.
Our trash removal experts are trained to clear out unwanted items using best practices adapted from professional moving companies, including protecting your walls, doorways, stairs and floors. Call us, and our team of uniformed professionals can do the job fast, so you can your employees can put their attention on more serious matters.

Homes Too

123JUNK provides the same professional junk removal services for homeowners as well, sorting what we pick up into what we can donate, recycle or haul to the dump in order to protect our environment. For donated items, such as furniture or household goods, we provide you a receipt for your tax deductions.

Need Onsite Moving Help? Try 123JUNK’s Labor-Only Services

If you need boxes or other heavy items moved from one area of your home or workplace to another, 123JUNK can help, with a labor-only appointment. When you’re having new furniture, large appliances, office machinery, warehouse shelving, or other large objects delivered, call 123JUNK. Our team can move your old stuff out of the way to a storage room or haul it away. They can also move the new items to where you want them placed.

Our Flat-Fee Pricing Guarantee

When you hire 123JUNK, you know precisely what you’re paying for. We provide an itemized statement showing the services we provide and what they cost, as well as a clear total that includes mileage, gas, and labor. Our environmentally-sound services – such as sorting trash from recycling or removing refrigerator or air conditioning fluids in accordance with environmental laws – are also included for your convenience.

We like making friends in Friendship Heights and hope you will remember to call us whenever you have a junk hauling need for your home or office.

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“My experience is you're totally on the right track, great customer service AND at a reasonable price.”