Junk removal services in Dupont Circle, Washington DC

The popular Dupont Circle is composed of a large traffic circle, park and neighborhood located in Northwest Washington, D.C. Located in one of the oldest sections of the District, it is home to many embassies, ambassadorial homes, gracious and gracious mansions and rowhouses as well as a thriving social scene and night life and a diverse population.

Since much of the area is a historic district, with sometimes narrow or one-way streets, 123JUNK had to become experts at navigation through tight spaces and with regulations pertaining to Dupont Circle neighborhoods.

123JUNK Protects Your Property

While it’s not glamourous, junk removal is an essential service year-round and home and business owners appreciate 123JUNK’s precise attention to detail while removing unwanted items. Like professional movers, our uniformed professionals line and pad doorways, lay floor coverings, and protect walls and doors from any damage. This way, furniture, household goods, old appliances, office equipment, and whatever you point us to can be safely removed.

Our Commitment to the Environment is a Core Value

From our beginning, 123JUNK made it one of our core values to protect our environment, so we sort all hauled items using our three-point philosophy of Donate-Recycle-Dispose. Items like home or office furniture or household goods are taken to a donation center where they can be picked up by our charitable partners and repurposed into the community. Metals, computers, paper and other recycleable items are taken to an area recycling facility, and only what remains is disposed of at the dump.

For your convenience, we offer flat-free pricing that includes everything and donation receipts for tax benefits.

Let 123JUNK Move Heavy Objects from Room to Room

123JUNK not only removes items from Dupont Circle homes and businesses, offices and commercial buildings, we aid in moving heavy items around as our Labor Only service. If you are painting or remodeling and need to move furniture to temporary storage area like your basement, shed or spare bedroom, we can do that. Or if you’re getting a new delivery and need to make room to receive it, we can do that too. Our staff is well-trained in healthy and safe techniques for moving heavy items, so don’t risk hurting yourself. Call us instead.

We Remove Yard and Construction Debris

Homes and business in Dupont Circle hold themselves to aesthetic standards, which means regular cleanup of yard waste and construction debris. Why not gather several neighbors together for a yard clean-up day, with 123JUNK doing the hauling for you. No job is too large or too small.

123JUNK is the #1 Choice in Dupont Circle

When you need junk hauling, yard cleanup or wish to donate furniture or belongings, your Number One Choice should be 123JUNK. Call us today to schedule your pickup.

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