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From historic monuments and first-class museums to the heart of American government, Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill area is a tourism mecca and political powerhouse in one of the world’s most famous cities. It’s also home to a thriving community of residents, businesses and federal agencies that need their homes and workplaces to function as efficiently as possible—which means keeping them free from clutter of all kinds. Just the type of clients 123JUNK loves.  

123JUNK is Fast, Efficient, and Economical

Homes, businesses and government offices function best when people can move through them easily and have enough space to be productive. Unused furniture, obsolete electronic equipment, old construction materials, and other large, bulky items can get in the way. But how do you get rid of all that stuff? Call 123JUNK, and we will take those decisions—and your junk—off your hands while you take care of your family or business. Our all-inclusive flat-fee pricing structure and array of services makes it simple.

Maximize Your Workspace

Construction or remodeling can also disrupt a workplace, whether it’s being done in the reception room or the parking lot. 123JUNK helps minimize the interruption by keeping hallways, workstations, driveways, and sidewalks clear of obstacles. Our trained, expert staff follows the same best practices as professional movers, including taping off walkways for their work and covering door frames and stair bannisters to keep them from getting damaged. Respecting the safety of your employees and property allows you to continue with business as usual.

Taking Out the Trash – Even if it’s Already Outdoors

Construction is messy, and building materials (such as bricks, wood, or concrete) can pile up, creating a mess that leaves a negative impression with neighbors, clients or those you are trying to impress. Get rid of it with 123JUNK. Our team will quickly load these unsightly items into our big red trucks and haul them away for you.

Recycle, Donate, and Reuse

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability and the Capitol Hill community, 123JUNK handles all loads responsibly by minimizing the amount buried in landfills. We sort out recyclable materials and deliver them to an appropriate facility, and identify reusable items for donation to our charity partners such as Habitat for Humanity. If your trash can be someone else’s treasure, we make sure it gets a second life and you get the donation receipt.

123JUNK Can Get Rid of Your Trash Today

123JUNK provides a simple solution to all your junk removal needs. Just call us. We’ll do all the heavy lifting.

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“My experience is you're totally on the right track, great customer service AND at a reasonable price.”