Are you facing a task that requires some extra help?

Guys on truck

Whether it’s moving or repositioning furniture around your home, relocating boxes or furniture from a basement or attic, loading a mobile storage container or doing other manual labor tasks, rounding up a working party can be difficult and frustrating. This is especially true when you really need some strong backs who are comforatable doing this type of work. That is where we come in!

At 123JUNK, our team is available to serve your needs for labor only services in a polite and professional manner. No matter how big or how small the task, let us be your muscle to assist with your labor project.

Areas that we can help you:

  • Moving furniture around your home or business
  • Moving file cabinets, desks or other large items to another location within your office
  • Unloading a portable storage container, a mini-storage unit, box truck or cargo van
  • Additional muscle you may need around the yard, garage, or basement

123JUNK is at your service!

You can reserve 2, 3, or 4 of our strong men for any period of time you desire to help accomplish those labor-intensive tasks. By utilizing our services, you don't damage your items, your property, or most importantly - your back!

Rid yourself of the liability and safety issues you incur when you involve friends and relatives to help. Not only is our team trained for the task, but they are also fully bonded and insured, including general liability and Workers’ Compensation.

To learn more about our Labor Only Rates, call 800-364-5778 or CLICK HERE to book online.

Customer Reviews

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“Excellent customer service from the start. Very professional team and even when originally speaking by phone to set up service. I really appreciated the estimate prior to starting to move . That doesnt always happen and it was much appreciated!! The guys even helped move stuff that i was keeping to my car and helped move a few items for a neighbor down the hall. Best service Ive seen. Thank you!!!”