Junk removal services in Adams Morgan, Washington DC

The neighborhood of Adams Morgan, in Washington, D.C. created its name from two formerly-segregated elementary schools—the formerly all-black Thomas P. Morgan Elementary School and the all-white John Quincy Adams Elementary School. It is a culturally-diverse area today with a bustling mix of retail, business and residential properties. Its nightlife is especially popular, with many bars and restaurants lining 18th Street.

123JUNK loves the dynamic energy found in Adams Morgan, and you often see their big red trucks loading up in front of a business or home. Their professionals are trusted to safety and efficiently remove unwanted junk, yard waste, furniture, and household goods, using the same safety techniques as movers to protect walls, floors and doorways.

123JUNK is Saving the Environment for Adams Morgan Residents

123JUNK is well known for its commitment to the environment as well. Once a truck is loaded, its load is sorted into items that can be reused or recycled. Our professionals will remove furniture, household goods, office desks, file cabinets, and other items that can be repurposed into society and place them into a holding area for area charities like Habitat for Humanity and religious organizations to pick them up. Items with value that can be recycled, like paper, outdated computers, printers and copiers are taken to a local recycling center. And only then does 123JUNK deposit the remaining items—for which there is no hope—at the dump.

We Even Take Old Refrigerators

Laws prevent the dumping of old refrigerators and air conditioners at area landfills without authorized and proper removal of environmental hazards including Freon. 123JUNK is certified to take these items and safely dispose of them. We also remove construction debris when you’re doing that essential remodel of your home or business. This is a great asset for Adams Morgan’s many restaurants and retail establishments, as well as its homeowners.

There is a Better Way to Use Your Time—Let Us Handle the Junk

Instead spending another afternoon moving junk or making multiple trips to the dump, let 123JUNK do the heavy lifting and hauling for you. We offer convenient flat-fee pricing, donation receipts for your tax records, and quick response times. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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