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Located in Northern Virginia, straddling the counties of Fairfax and Loudoun, is the town of Herndon, Virginia. Surprisingly, Herndon is the third largest town in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and home to more than 23,000 residents. It maintains it small-town charm while offering the technological advantages along the Dulles Technology Corridor and easy access to Washington, D.C.

How Herndon Got its Name

Herndon was named for Commander William Lewis Herndon, an American naval explorer. He was Captain of the steamer SS Central America, a sidewheel steamer (also known as “the ship of gold” for its rich cargo) that sank in an 1857 hurricane. Captain Herndon went down with the ship after trying to save more than 150 passengers. Even more interesting, two years following the sinking, Herndon’s daughter Ellen married Chester A. Arthur, who became the 21st President of the United States.

123JUNK has a Presidential Connection Too

Did you know that each of the 123JUNK trucks bear the name of one of our Presidents? You might have John Adams or George Washington coming to your door this week! We thought it was more fun than just giving them an identification number. The next time you see our truck, look to see which “President” is in your neighborhood.

We’ll Take Any Size Load

Even though 123JUNK is not making history like Commander Herndon, we are certainly becoming a household name around town. We’ve been hauling junk and removing trash from this area for both homeowners and business clients since we began our business in 2008. You can often see our bright red trucks and dedicated staff working hard to “clean up” the town. Whether you have a small amount of items you’d like to donate, a home or business that you want to clean out, or yard debris from a spring or fall cleanup, 123JUNK is the company to call.

We Donate-Recycle-Dispose

When we remove our clients’ usable items, like furniture, small appliances or household goods, we work with charity partners in the Greater Herndon Area, who recycles them back into the community for those who can use them.

We recycle approximately half of what we receive, a practice that meshes with our goal to keep re-usable items out of our landfills. For donated items, we issue a receipt so our clients can claim tax deductions. It’s part of 123JUNK’s three-pronged philosophy of Donate-Recycle-Dispose.

For Trash Removal in Herndon, give us a call

Whether you live or work in Herndon, 123JUNK can provide junk disposal and trash removal services. Our professional uniformed staff will do the work for you.

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“The workers were very friendly and did a great job. They used a runner so my carpets wouldn't get dirty. They answered all questions and were extremely helpful!”