123Junk Removal Team hauling away old furniture from Great Falls, VA home

Great Falls, Virginia: A Place of Beauty

Great Falls, VA is well known for its luxurious homes, sitting on large tracts of acreage, with the beautiful backdrop of rolling country, forests, and the majestic national park from which the town derives its name.

Despite the beautiful surroundings, people in Great Falls have junk that they need hauled away, too! In keeping with the natural beauty of Great Falls, 123JUNK provides eco-friendly hauling that keeps one of the DC area’s most charming communities pristine and free of clutter.

Hazard-free Recycling

Thanks to our recycling efforts, we’re doing our part to make sure that the water running through the park at Great Falls stays uncontaminated, as well. 123JUNK specializes in electronics recycling, as well as appliance removal and recycling, both of which keep harmful pollutants out of the water table.

Giving Back to Your Community in Great Falls

For the folks who don’t have any old, junky furniture or other items, we also partner with local charities to offer donation services. If we’re able to donate any of your items, we’ll mail you back a receipt and let you take advantage of the tax deduction for your charitable contribution.

123JUNK works with a network of local charities to make sure that the donations we make on your behalf are doing the most good for the people who live closest to you, right here in the DC Metro area.

Respect for Your Beautiful Great Falls Home

The beautiful homes in Great Falls deserve to be protected, as well. To keep our clients’ homes in tip-top shape, 123JUNK borrows a step from moving companies that is virtually non-existent in the junk removal industry. We lay down floor runners and also pad doorways and stair railings to assure that your property stays in the same condition it was when our crews arrived.

Call 123JUNK and let us put our Donate-Recycle-Dispose process to work at your home!

Customer Reviews - Great Falls, VA

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“The marketing of the trucks and staff on the website were exactly accurate. The guys showed up in full uniform with their shirts tucked. The truck appeared new and was much larger in person than the website made them look.”