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Gainesville, Virginia has been growing steadily, with many shopping centers and markets serving its expanding population. With increased consumption, people’s need for trash removal services is also increasing, so 123JUNK has grown right along with Gainesville and the other commercially-thriving towns in Virginia and Maryland. We’ve been helping Prince William County’s residents keep their homes garbage-free since 2008, and we’re ready to get rid of your unwanted refuse whenever you are.

Professional Junk Removal for Home or Business

Whether you need to clear unwanted items from your home or place of business, 123JUNK can handle the job, no matter how large or small. Your house will feel much more spacious when all the old worn-out furniture, broken appliances, and boxes of unwanted clutter that are taking up space in your basement, garage or attic are gone for good. And your office or warehouse will operate much more efficiently when all the unused equipment is cleared away, making space for storage, workstations or conference rooms.
If you’ve had recent construction or remodeling on your home or business, 123JUNK can also haul away all the excess building materials, from drywall to broken concrete and more. If you don’t want it, we’ll take it.

Need Extra Help Onsite? Schedule a Labor-Only Appointment

If you simply need help moving large, bulky or heavy items around in your Gainesville home or office, 123JUNK also provides labor-only services. Our professional employees can move large items like furniture, filing cabinets or large appliances, relocate boxes from one area to another, unload a mobile storage container or load trash into a dumpster. There’s no need to call in favors from friends and neighbors—just call 123JUNK to schedule a convenient labor-only appointment.

Save Time and Money

123JUNK provides our customers great value with our flat fee pricing. Your bill includes everything from mileage and gas to labor and disposal, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and what you’re getting. No hidden fees, no surcharges, no confusion. We also save you money by saving you time: we take the big job off your hands so you can get back to work or play. If you live or work in Gainesville, don’t put it off—call 123JUNK today.

Customer Reviews

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“I thought since you were a local hauling company, I was taking a bit of a risk on service quality. I was wrong. Kyle and Sam were on-time, warm, professional and punctual. It was more than I expected!”