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  • Living mindfully

    Buddhist monks live by a simplicity philosophy: operate mindfully, be grateful, and live simply. This simplicity allows them to find peace and calm in their everyday lives. The surprising thing is that this zen-like style of living can improve your life as well. Try these simple ways.

    Keep only what is necessary

    Zen living means removing items that are not necessary to your life. Do you really need 24 pairs of shoes or eight types of spatulas? Clearing out items that are redundant clears space in both your living area and your mind. As organization author and expert Marie Kondo says, “Keep only those items that spark joy.”

    Allow space

    Picture the paintings hanging in a museum and how they are spaced just so to allow each masterpiece to be admired individually. The same concept works at home. Clearing out your home allows space between items and increases your appreciation of them. Allow space between events in your busy schedule for the same appreciation.

    Adopt a simple way of living

    Think back when you were a child…you needed very little to survive and had much more time to play and enjoy life. Learning to live without extra clutter in your life actually frees you for larger endeavors, like volunteering, learning, exploring, and time with family and friends. You no longer have to spend time cleaning, sorting or wading through items to get what you need.

    Live mindfully

    Do all things deliberately and focus all your attention on the task at hand. You will find it takes on a zen-like quality. Savor the feel of the water in the morning’s shower, and the first taste of coffee rather than rush through them. These are the little experiences that make up life.

    Don’t multi-task

    You might be proud that you can answer the phone, cook dinner and help with the child’s homework all at the same time, however, living mindfully also means doing one thing at a time. Focus your attention on doing the best job at the task at hand before moving on to the next one. Create a sacred space for each thing you do, whether you are working, cleaning or simply relaxing.

    Do less

    Regardless of what the commercials say, you don’t have to do it all or have it all, and task lists as long as your arm only set your day off with stress. Think about your main goal for the day and set off mindfully to achieve it.


    The benefits of mindfulness and meditation can actually change your brain, reported Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. She goes on to report evidence that meditation decreases stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and pain, and actually increases the quality of life.

    Be grateful

    Oprah Winfrey has always been a huge advocate of keeping a gratitude journal, every day writing down five things she is grateful for. She says, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

    123JUNK Can Help You Clear Out Extra Stuff

    At 123JUNK, we take the zen-like philosophy to heart, and strive to streamline our own business; for example, going paperless allowed us to cut down on clutter. This allows us to focus on what’s really important to our business: our customers.

    In this age of consumerism, we are all guilty of having too much in our lives—too much work, too many responsibilities, and definitely too much stuff. While 123JUNK can’t help with some of your load, we can certainly take the extra stuff off your hands. We’re experts at clearing out spaces. Contact us today to schedule your pickup appointment.

  • Woman RelaxingThe New Year offers an opportunity to make a fresh start. Gone are the challenges of the year past, and ahead lie the shiny new possibilities.

    To clear the path, sometimes we have to clear our environment. Creative and confident people need space in order to function well, and an overstuffed house or an overscheduled schedule leaves little room to breathe. In order to feel calm, it is essential to have clear spaces, and that can mean getting rid of the clutter that is standing in your way.

    Some people might call this minimalism, others may call it a zen-like style of living. Either way, you can exponentially improve your lifestyle by clearing out clutter.

    Here are just some of the benefits of having less stuff:

    • Reduced distractions:
      Having fewer items to look at or take care of lessens the everyday stress levels and allows you to feel a sense of serenity in your home.
    • More aesthetically pleasing:
      Instead of packing your home full, curate your rooms to provide a beautiful and soothing environment. Display only those objects that bring you joy, and find homes for the rest.
    • Easier to care for:
      Fewer possessions need less of your time to clean, arrange and repair. You have more time to be creative or enjoy other parts of your life.

    Where to begin:

    Begin with just one room at a time. The bathroom might be the easiest. Remove or store anything from sight that is not essential, and create a soothing palette of colors. You will find yourself relaxing every time you step inside.

    Next, take on the master bedroom. This should be your sanctuary from life; your private and serene space. Clear off surfaces, cull items from closets and drawers to donate, remove excess furniture and refresh your bedroom with fresh linens. Some people even recommend removing electronic devices that emit light in order to allow for better sleep.

    Once you begin the clearing process, you will want to take it into other areas in your home (or office). You will be pleased by the calming effect it will have on you and your family. But be forewarned: once the clutter is gone, you may find that you have a lot more time on your hands for the important things in life. And as Martha Stewart likes to say, that’s a good thing.

    Let 123JUNK Take it All Away

    Once you have decided what to get rid of, just pile it up and let 123JUNK take it away for you. There’s no need to sort items for donation, recycling or disposal. Our professional staff is trained to do that for you as part of our “giving” philosophy. We will sort your items once we have removed them, and work with our charitable partners to recycle reusable ones back into the community where they can be loved by other families. If you are located in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C.,call 123JUNK to schedule your pick-up appointment.

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