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Chevy Chase, Maryland was unincorporated farmland before 1890, when several partners began buying up land with the purpose of developing a residential streetcar suburb for Washington, D.C. They eventually purchased more than 1,700 acres. The name Chevy Chase was taken from one of the larger purchased tracts called “Cheivy Chace.”
People who live and work in Chevy Chase today are busy and want to preserve their weekends for relaxing and having fun—not for driving their old furniture and obsolete household appliances to the dump. That’s 123JUNK’s specialty. We have the trucks, special loading equipment and expert staff to remove your unwanted clutter efficiently and affordably. We get the job done fast so you can enjoy your well-earned free time.

Large Appliances, Furniture, Construction Scraps – We Haul It All Away

From refrigerators, washing machines and office equipment, to couches, mattresses and drywall, nothing is too big or too heavy for 123JUNK. Simply call us to schedule a pickup and we’ll send out our trash removal professionals who will carry any item from your house or business and load it into one of our big red trucks. Labor-only services are also available for moving heavy or bulky objects or unloading moving pods.
We sort your items based on our three-pronged philosophy of “Donate-Recycle-Dispose”, and haul it to the appropriate destination, whether it’s the dump, a recycling center or one of our Montgomery County charity partners so that other community members can enjoy what you no longer need.

The Best Value – No Hidden Fees

When Chevy Chase residents get a quote from 123JUNK, they know exactly what they are paying for and what they get because we spell it out in our up-front, all-inclusive pricing. We calculate our flat trash hauling fee by volume, building fuel, labor, recycling, donation and disposal costs into our quote. For donations, we mail you a receipt so you can take the deduction on your taxes.
Our service is comprehensive and our company is certified, so there’s never any need to hire another company to do anything (such as remove refrigerant from appliances like freezers, refrigerators and air conditioners in compliance with EPA requirements).

Your Home is Safe in Our Hands

Your home is your sanctuary, and you work hard to keep it beautiful and maintain its value. We do too by taking the same precautions professional movers do. Before our trained haulers start removing items from your house, they lay down floor runners to protect your floors, and pad any doorways and stair railings in their path. This extra step is rare in the trash removal business, but we believe it is absolutely essential.

Take a Load Off

Dragging heavy items to the car and driving them to the dump is hard, time-consuming work, so don’t do it yourself. Take a load off your mind and that unpleasant task off your plate by calling 123JUNK.
Getting rid of the junk in your home or business not only gives you more room, it provides a feeling of emotional liberation and renewal. If you’ve been thinking about a major cleanup or cleanout for a while, call 123JUNK to schedule a convenient appointment. We’ll take care of everything.

Customer Reviews - Rockville, MD

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“The workers were very friendly and did a great job. They used a runner so my carpets wouldn't get dirty. They answered all questions and were extremely helpful!”