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Chantilly, Virginia is located in Fairfax County, about 25 miles from Washington, D.C. near the Dulles technology corridor that stretches from Tysons to Sterling. It is close to the busy Dulles International Airport.

Is it Time to Clean Out?

Many people who purchased homes in the development boom of the 1980s still live in them, while others are downsizing or moving to other cities. When you’ve lived in a home this long, it’s bound to be filled with treasures, family memories and yes, clutter.

Whether you’re staying in your home and want to enjoy more space, or are relocating, 123JUNK is here to help. We remove items you no longer want or need and find new homes for them. This includes appliances, furniture, electronics, household items, junk and yard waste.

The 123JUNK Mission is Three-Fold

When our uniformed staff picks up items from your home, we Donate, Recycle, or Dispose of them accordingly. Items that can be reused or repurposed are donated to local charities that benefit the Chantilly community, like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, while items like metals, appliances and electronics are taken to the recycling center. We’ll even mail you a receipt for donated items so you can take advantage of a tax deduction. Everything else we haul away for disposal at a local dump.

Businesses Benefit Too

123JUNK not only serves families, Chantilly’s local business and retail community use our junk hauling services as well. Remove and recycle old electronics, e-waste, office furniture, light machinery, computers, copiers, and printers, or clean out offices when you’re moving in or moving out.

We Protect Your Home or Office

We make the extra effort to protect your home or office like high-end moving companies do, laying down floor runners and padding stair rails and doorways to shield against scuffs and damage. That’s virtually unheard of in the junk removal business, but we think it’s important because that’s how we like to do business. We’ve built our reputation for quality service, and it shows in the number of referrals we receive each month.

Chantilly takes its name from the Chantilly Plantation, an 1800s mansion and farm that once stood here, a name that reflected the owner’s descendancy from the original Westmoreland County’s Chantilly Plantation owned by Richard Henry Lee I, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. From the original property, only The Stone House remains, situated across from the Greenbriar Shopping Center on Route 50. Imagine what they would have thought about our big red trucks that roll past that house every day!

For Junk Removal in Chantilly, There’s Only One Choice: 123JUNK

There is plenty of history in your home too, but clearing out and clearing up can give you a whole new perspective, not to mention more space. When you’re ready, so are we. Give 123JUNK a call.

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“They removed almost an entire truck load in less than an hour. They informed me what would be worthy of charity and what was just trash, and they educated me on why. You have a great team!”