viva tysons123JUNK is in the news again, appearing in a feature story in both Viva Tysons and Viva Reston magazines (January/February 2018 editions). Titled “A Fresh New Beginning,” it explores how simplifying can give both you and those in the community a fresh start.

The article explains that when you clear out unwanted or unnecessary clutter and junk from your home, it not only gives you a lighter outlook, it demonstrates how your donations help those less fortunate right here at home.

“As thought leaders in the local junk removal community, 123JUNK was the first company to put emphasis on repurposing items,” says 123JUNK owner Collin Wheeler, who goes on to tell how he originated his business concept of aligning with local charitable organizations including No One Left Behind and Loudoun Habitat ReStore.


Many people may not realize just how much these organizations rely on donations to both fund their operations and provide household furniture, goods and other items to the underserved community. “More than half of what 123JUNK currently picks up from homeowners in either charity donations or hauling jobs is repurposable,” the article states.


Another benefit falls in line with the trend of “right-sizing,” or reducing the amount of stuff you own so you can live a more conscientious life, or “live in the moment” rather than be a slave to your belongings.

There are even more ways that people can get that fresh new beginning. Read the article here.