Bea Malone Award123JUNK is proud to have been named the 2017 Bea Malone Small Business of the Year for Fairfax County, Virginia. The award was presented on October 5, 2017 and it was the first year of the award.

This Bea Malone award is given by the Fairfax County Small Business Commission to one company that 1) meets the definition of a Commonwealth of Virginia small business, and 2) uses or has used Fairfax County business support resources like its Vendor Forum, business incubators, Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) to advance or improve its operation. A review of the business’ success story is also taken into consideration.


The award was established to honor Beatrice “Bea” Malone, its past chairwoman, who served the Commission, Fairfax County, and small businesses for many years. 123JUNK is sincerely appreciative of the Fairfax County Small Business Commission board members who voted for us to be the recipient of this reward!