Electronics recycling is a specialty at 123JUNK. Thanks to our relationships with third-party recycling vendors, we're able to divert all of our electronic waste to facilities that deconstruct and recycle your electronic waste.


In fact, every county that we serve provides some form of electronics recycling, whether it's in the form of an event or a permanent facility that accepts electronic materials. You can find a list of recycling resources for your county below.What some of our customers may not realize is that, as a private resident of your county, you typically have many price-friendly options available to you that 123JUNK cannot use as a commercial enterprise. If you only have a few items, you may even save some money compared to using our services.

WHY is Electronic Recycling Important?

A lot of what 123JUNK advertises is echoed by other companies in our industry. Being "green" or "eco-friendly" isn't a differentiator by itself.

One of the main factors that contributes to us being the DC area's preeminent eco-friendly junk removal company is the fact that we understand the fundamental importance of responsible disposal and we live it. Our entire operation is centered around it—the very essence of the 123JUNK brand is our disposal process.

Consider this: approximately 70% of toxic waste in landfills can be attributed to electronic waste. When you consider that only a small fraction of landfill mass is comprised of electronic waste, it's easy to see how even a little bit of e-waste can be a big problem if it isn't properly recycled.

Electronic Recycling Resources by County