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recycling kidsOne of the most serious problems we are faced with today is climate change. As global warming is already changing our world, it is of utmost importance to educate children on ways to reduce their carbon footprints and help make our planet a safer place for future generations.

If you have kids, now is the perfect time to start talking to them about current environmental issues and introduce them to preventive measures such as recycling.

1. Start the Conversation

It can be difficult for a young child to understand climate change and its effect on the environment. Kids may not know how to deal with information about natural disasters or the extinction of animal species, so you should probably avoid overwhelming them with such challenging topics. Instead, use language and terms they can easily understand.

2. Take the Conversation Outside

You may want to begin this conversation while you are outdoors while your children are enjoying the natural world around them. If you have a garden, show your child the basics of gardening, giving them child-friendly tools and other items to explore the surroundings. The better connection your child develops with nature at a young age, the more likely they will do their best to preserve it when they are older.

3. Make Recycling Bins

Once your child has built a bond with nature and understands how recycling can make a difference in the world, it is time to take action. Together, you and your child can make recycling bins for paper, plastic and glass. Let your child personalize the bins – they can decorate them with stickers or paint images of the materials that should go inside each. This will make the initial introduction to recycling more enjoyable.

4. Recycling Can Be Fun

There are many ways to use old paper or plastic to teach your kid that recycling can be fun. Turn your old plastic bottles and recyclable materials into toys or other useful household items, showing your child first-hand how old stuff can be reused over and over again. This is also a great opportunity to demonstrate that you don’t have to buy new things when with a little creativity you can make them on your own.

5. Develop a Rewards System

Set up goals for your child, with rewards each time they achieve one. This will further motivate your child to recycle. You can also play a game whenever you take the children shopping for groceries – encourage them to read product labels to find items whose packaging can be recycled. The more items they find, the greater the prize.

6. Adopt Eco-Friendly Habits

Teach your child how they can save water, electricity, and energy on a daily basis by turning off lights when leaving the room and water while brushing teeth. It is also crucial that you adopt these habits as well, as your child is more likely to imitate your behavior, especially at a very young age.

Call 123JUNK

When your children have collected enough items for recycling, call 123JUNK and watch your children dance with glee as one of our big red dump trucks arrives at the house. They’ll see how recycling works firsthand, and if they ask really nicely, one of our uniformed professional junk haulers might just take a moment to explain how 123JUNK is doing its part to save the environment with its three-pronged donate-recycle-dispose philosophy.

When you have items you no longer need or want, and live in the Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C. area, call 123JUNK!


Nowadays, with all the creative, fun, and innovative items found in stores and online marketplaces, shopping has become more exciting than ever. You can purchase amazing things for yourself, your family, and your home at often more-than-amazing prices. While shopping certainly has its advantages, it does come with one major downside: all this stuff creates clutter!

You’re probably like millions worldwide who have stuff they don’t really need cluttering up their homes and offices. But did you know that too much household junk can actually harm your health in more ways than one?

Here’s what clutter can do to your health:

  • Create a perfect breeding ground for germs and other bacteria, which can cause illnesses or worsen allergies
  • Result in stress
  • Make it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight, as research has discovered a link between buying too much stuff and eating too much food
  • Increase the risk of falls, injuries, and other home accidents
  • Cost you money, as you may purchase items you already have but can’t find
  • Have a negative effect on your social life and career, as you may not always be able to locate important things such as your car keys or certain documents

You might need a Decluttering Challenge.

Creating a Decluttering Challenge

A decluttering challenge can transform tedious, time-consuming housework into an enjoyable activity for the entire family. Yes, even the kids can take part in it and actually not hate it.

The first phase: planning. Depending on the size of your home and your schedule, split the challenge up into a few days or even a couple of weeks. Not having to do it all at once will enable you to focus on one area of the home at a time, minimizing stress and negative feelings.

Once you’ve made your decluttering plan, talk to your loved ones about each person’s responsibilities for the challenge. As it is a real challenge, develop a rewards system with little rewards at checkpoints for a job well done, which can be especially motivating for the little ones (or the big ones). You can also set up a prize for the whole family to enjoy after successfully completing the challenge.

Here are some tips to help structure your Decluttering Challenge:

  • Create a list of the areas in the home that need decluttering, starting from least cluttered places to those that need the most work
  • Declutter one room or one area at a time for optimal efficiency
  • Set reasonable completion times or dates for each area, allowing yourself more time for particularly cluttered places such as the basement or garage
  • Develop a sorting system; for example, use color-coded boxes or trash bags to differentiate between stuff you want to throw away, recycle, donate or keep
  • Take before and after pictures for measuring your progress and additionally motivating the whole family

Call 123JUNK, Your Junk Hauling Experts

Once you have your finished decluttering challenge, celebrate! Then if you're in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C., call 123JUNK. We are happy to haul away broken items and junk, and recycle perfectly good and reusable items to our charity partners. Your only challenge with us is what day to schedule your pickup appointment.

bedbugJiminy crickets, Baltimore MD and Washington DC have ranked #1 and #2 on the 2017 Orkin extermination company’s list of top cities with bedbug problems. That’s too close to home for our comfort.

What are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are small, flat insects about the size of an apple seed that feed human and animal blood, and are often found in areas where people sit or lie down, such as upholstered chairs and beds. They cannot fly, but can move about quickly over floors, ceilings, and walls.

How Do I Know I Have Bedbugs?

One way to detect bedbugs is to look for rusty or reddish stains on your sheets or mattresses. These are caused by bedbugs that have been crushed. Also, look for small dark spots that indicate bedbug excrement. Check especially along seams of cushions or mattresses and under the plastic corner guards for their pale yellow eggs or eggshells. Even wooden furniture can contain cracks and seams where bedbugs can and do hide.

Many people discover they have bedbugs because they are experiencing bites, or see bite symptoms such as itchy welts on their bodies when they wake up.

How Do I Help Get Rid of Bedbugs Myself?

  • Clean your bedding frequently in hot water and dry everything on the hottest setting.
  • Use a stiff brush, especially along mattress or cushion seams to dislodge bedbug eggs, then vacuum the area thoroughly. Immediately place the vacuum bag into a sealed bag and dispose of it in an outdoor garbage bin.
  • Encase your mattress in a bedbug-proof mattress cover. Keep in mind that bedbugs can live up to a year without food.
  • Declutter and repair wall cracks or other niches where bedbugs can hide.

Simply throwing away your mattress may not eliminate your bedbug problem. They not only live on your bed; after feeding, they can crawl into dressers, clothing, floorboards, behind switchplates or into other dark and snug places to hide and digest, emerging again when they are hungry.

Experts recommend wrapping your mattress and other infested furniture completely in thick plastic, sealed with duct tape before removing it from the home. This helps keep mature bedbugs and their eggs from dislodging and falling onto other furniture or into the carpet. The mattress should also be clearly marked with the words “BED BUGS.” You may even want to slash the mattress and cushions to prevent others from picking up your disposed-of item for their own use.

Once the infected items have been removed, you will need to treat your home to prevent bedbugs from reappearing. Simply replacing the items will not ensure that you are free from the pests.

123JUNK Cannot Haul Bedbug-Infested Items

As a junk hauling company, 123JUNK is always vigilant about protecting our workers—and the general public—from further bedbug infestations. That means we cannot accept items for hauling that are infested with bedbugs. In fact, if we know that your property has been infested, we can require documentation from a pest control company that states that bedbugs, fleas or roaches have been exterminated.

We also empower our employees to decline a job if they feel their health is at risk from insect infestation once they arrive at a job site.  Even though our guys are hardy and we are not afraid to go into some tough environments, we won't put our staff at risk.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause to our clients throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Shane headshot

At 123JUNK, we value the people who work on our team and thought that you might like to meet them too. Today we’ll introduce you to Shane Gaboury.

Meet Shane Gaboury, 123JUNK’s Client Relationship Manager

Shane Gaboury knew about 123JUNK long before he had any interest in working with the company. He couldn’t escape hearing about it, since he was college roommates with Kevin Wheeler, the younger brother of Collin Wheeler, the company’s founder.

Graduating from college with a degree in psychology, Shane took the next step in his career, studying financial planning at Georgetown University to acquire his Certificate of Financial Planning.

During this period, Shane invited Collin out for coffee. “I respected him as a business owner and wanted to pick his brain for life and business advice,” he said. At the time, the timing wasn’t right to make the transition, but as friends with Kevin, Shane kept in touch.

First Career

“I did financial planning for two years, and didn’t like it,” he explained. “I felt like I was a number, that I wasn’t important, and that I had no opportunities to move up in the organization.” The timing was right to make a change, so he spoke to Kevin again about working with 123JUNK. “This time it made sense, so I made the jump.”

At first, Shane’s parents were nervous about his going from a white collar industry to a blue collar one. But they just wanted him to enjoy what he was doing. He took on the role of business development representative, with a territory covering Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun counties.

“Ideally, my role is to build relationships and turn those relationships into business,” he explained. He spends days making presentations before real estate agents, moving consultants/estimators, stagers, and professional organizers. “I explain how we add value to their profession as opposed to selling them on our business. Each industry has pain points that we can help with.”

What does Shane like best about working at 123JUNK? “The job gives me the flexibility and freedom to create my own schedule and my own destiny as far as income and responsibility go. You feel more valuable when you are directly responsible for a percentage of the company’s growth. It’s also nice to have Collin as a mentor—I have always looked up to him—and to work with my friend Kevin.”

What surprised Shane was the ability and skill it takes to network. “I was not as great at networking naturally. I had to learn how to do it better by watching others and practicing my presentations through repetition.” Shane is most proud of the fact that he purchased his own condo at the age of 25. “I’m very frugal, and believe in saving a large percentage of what you make,” he said.

Personal Life

Outside of work, Shane is adamant about training two to three hours a day, and competes on the CrossFit team at his gym. He likes to read and listen to audio books, eat at the Great American Restaurants, and go to movies. “I’m like an old soul for being only 26,” he laughed.

He also pitches in to help with various charity events, like the Dulles Plane Pull, Keller Williams Realty’s Red Day, and the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors’ Young Professional Network (YPN). He maintains membership in the YPN and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP).

“The best thing about 123JUNK is the company’s dedication to creating great customer service. We make sure every client feels like they’re getting more value than they paid for, and good quality service delivered in a professional manner. We’re diligent about making sure clients have a good experience, and fixing it if they don’t.”

If you have a need for junk hauling and are located in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. or Maryland, call 123JUNK. Who knows, you might get to meet Shane in person.

organized closet


Opening a messy closet can really steal the joy out of getting ready in the morning. You have to fight through hangers of unsorted clothing, dig for matching shoes, and slog through racks of sweaters and shirts just to start your day. It’s exhausting.

Can you believe that opening your closet doors can actually create joy? It can, with an organized approach. And who wouldn’t want to start their day that way? Here are a dozen tips from 123JUNK that can help organize your closet—and brighten your day.

12 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

  1. Hang your clothes by style and season. Divide your clothing by season, and then hang like items together, like pants, long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts, or skirts. It will be easy to spot what fits the weather and the mood.
  2. Color code your clothing. Take organization to the next level by arranging your clothing by color, from light to dark.
  3. Store out-of-season clothes. Instead of cramming all your clothing in, move out-of-season items to another closet or storage boxes.
  4. Stack clear boxes. Clear boxes allow you to sort and display items for quick access. Use them not only for shoes, but for belts, hats, scarves, jewelry and other accessories.
  5. Use hooks or pegboards. Hang items like purses, belts and jewelry on hooks or pegboards mounted inside your closet.
  6. Get a closet organizer system. If your closet has only one bar, consider a closet organizing system that allows you to customize double hanging rows for shorter items, longer rows for dresses and suits, and shelves, drawers and cubbies.
  7. Get good hangers. Use thin-profile, velvet-covered hangers to provide clothing security (they don’t slip off) and create additional hanging space.
  8. Use shelf dividers. Keep stacks of sweaters from toppling over with shelf dividers.
  9. Use creative storage. Add an armoire with shelves to your bedroom to hold folded items like sweaters or workout clothing. Use baskets on shelves to catch smaller items.
  10. Keep toys low. For children’s closets, include several drawered bins or covered baskets on the floor to hold toys.
  11. Use the door. An over-to-door shoe rack behind the door utilizes otherwise-unused space to provide easy access to the most-often worn shoes. Or, install racks or hooks for gear or accessories behind the door.
  12. Eliminate clutter. Each season, as you change out your clothing, purge items that are worn or unused. Donate them to a local charity.

Call the Experts--123JUNK

When you’re ready to donate, call 123JUNK. We partner with a number of charities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. who recycle your unwanted items to families who can use them.



OK, it’s getting to the end of summer and you’re probably getting tired of cutting the grass. It might be more exciting if you had a new lawnmower. Sadly, it could be time to get rid of that beloved old clunker you’ve had for years, or time to finally carry off the one that has become an eyesore of a lawn ornament.

Why not splurge on one of the newer models with self-propelled wheels or a shiny lawn tractor? There are probably some really good end-of-season sales.

Now that you're all excited about a new mower, you might begin to wonder, then, how to dispose of your old mower, especially if it is one of the larger, tractor-type riding mowers. Depending on its condition, you might be able to sell it. But if you’re like many, you’ve probably gotten all the good years out of it you possibly can. Let us help.

Here are some of the ways to dispose of an old lawnmower:

Sell It

You can advertise a working mower for sale locally. Tell the potential buyers the year, condition, engine size, mower type, model number, and deck width.

Break it Down for Parts

If you’re buying a similar model you might want to keep a few extra parts around. You can also try to sell spare parts through local channels.

Give it Away

There might be a trade school, educational facility or charity who would like to have your old mower to recondition and sell, or use for their own purposes. Always check with the organization before delivering it. There’s always an online giveaway platform like Freecycle as well.

Call 123JUNK

123JUNK is a perfect resource for taking that old mower off your hands. We'll haul it away for you! But before we can pick up your mower, you will have to drain the gas and oil from it into a Department of Transportation-approved container. We are not legally allowed to transport these hazardous chemicals.

123JUNK can repurpose a working mower back into the community through one of our charitable organizations and we will provide you a receipt for your donation. Not donation-worthy? No problem -- we can deliver it to the recycling station where scrap metals can be recycled. 

We’ll be glad to pick up your old mower, whether it is electric, gas, riding or even a good old-fashioned push mower—and any other household items you’d like to dispose of. If you are located in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C., please give 123JUNK a call to schedule your pickup.

noone left behind123JUNK is proud to announce a new charitable partnership with No One Left Behind (NOLB). The mission of NOLB is to assist Afghan and Iraqi combat interpreters to obtain Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), and help them resettle into the United States, get a green card and eventually become citizens.

The 301(c)(3) organization was founded by Matt Zeller who drew his inspiration from the interpreter directly responsible for saving his own life from two Taliban soldiers. Once the Taliban heard that this interpreter had helped Zeller, they began to assault him and his family with threats of terrible death. Zeller worked hard to bring this interpreter to the U.S. and help with resettlement in terms of finding a job, housing and cultural adaptation assistance.

“These combat interpreters put their lives, and those of their families, on the line every day to assist U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, sometimes for 10 or 12 years,” explained Keith Saddler, DC Chapter President and member of the NOLB Board of Directors.

NOLB’s mission is to support the interpreters, soldiers, cultural advisors and other allies of American troops who have been displaced from their homes due to their association and support to Americans to ensure that America treats its wartime allies as the heroes and veterans they are.

“As an organization, we’re trying to propose legislation to Congress to continue this SIV program that they are trying to cut back on,” Saddler said. “There are roughly 8,000 Afghan interpreters waiting to get out of the country, and our State Department is offering fewer and fewer visas each year.”

“We made a moral commitment to these interpreters when they signed up to do the job that they would be taken care of by the U.S. government if their safety was ever threatened by the Taliban or Isis.”

Working Together with 123JUNK

123JUNK reached out to NOLB to see how it could help and soon it was determined that the household furnishings picked up by 123JUNK on its rounds could be repurposed into new lives within the Afghan communities found locally, mainly in Alexandria, Woodbridge and Hyattsville.

“Every Saturday, we take a volunteer crew to the facilities where 123JUNK places their donated items, pick up what we think we can use, load the items into our rented truck, and drive them directly to these Afghan communities to help furnish the homes of our new arrivals,” Saddler said. “We do not sell the items, everything is purely donated.”

“I’ve never met an organization that puts their social conscience ahead of profit like 123JUNK,” Saddler explained. “They use their own manpower and time to segregate out the good items and make them available to us as part of their mission to give back to the community.”

How You Can Help NOLB

No One Left Behind can truly use monetary donations. “We need about $5 million to do this right for these people who put their lives and families at risk for our soldiers,” Saddler said. “And we take very, very little to run our volunteer-run organization. About 90 cents of every dollar goes directly to the people who need it.”

If you’d like to help, please contact NOLB online at

Plane Pull 2014 3

It’s that time of year again where 123JUNK is recruiting pullers on our team for the annual Dulles Day Plane Pull. This is our 6th consecutive year participating in this great event held Saturday, September 23, 2017.

123JUNK Dulles Day Plane Pull Video

This year, 123JUNK is pitted against a 164,000-pound jumbo jet to raise money for Special Olympics Virginia. You can either join our team of pullers (you get a free T-shirt!), or come and cheer us on from the sidelines as we put our heart and soul into pulling the Airbus A320 for twelve feet as fast as we can, while being timed.

Since we’ve been involved, the number of competing pull teams has ranged from 70 to 120. 123JUNK has done well in this event, usually placing in the Top 15 teams. In our best year, we finished 6th! But we still have our eyes on the Chesapeake Sherriff’s Office—the 13-time defending champions. Maybe this year, we’ll take them down!

Awards are handed out for the fasted full, the heaviest team, the lightest team, the most money raised, the most enthusiastic team, and much, much more. The event is free to attend, and there is so much more to see and do—a plane show, a car show, aircraft tours, a police and SWAT vehicle display, live music, food, and more. There is something for the entire family.

123JUNK Kid’s Truck Pull

123JUNK also participates by supplying a shiny red dump truck for the Kid’s Truck Pull. See which team pulls the truck 12 feet the fastest! We’re also looking for volunteers to help here. The Kid’s Zone features a bounce house, games, music and a dunk tank—fun all day.

Help 123JUNK Raise Money for Special Olympics Virginia

Although there is no fee to attend the Dulles Day Plane Pull, our goal is to ultimately raise money for Special Olympics Virginia. This year our target goal is $3,000. If you cannot make it to the event, kindly considering donating. All proceeds go towards Special Olympics. You can donate by contacting 123JUNK or visiting our The123JUNK Plane Pull Team Page

123JUNK Truck Pic 2

When you see a big red 123JUNK Truck, either driving down the road or parked at a job site, take a moment to notice just how clean it is. You may not think of a truck in the junk business as being clean, however, we don’t think like everyone else. To us, a clean truck is EXACTLY what we stand for.

We’re adamant about keeping our trucks clean because our business goes beyond just what’s on the outside. Having a respectable truck has a trickle-down effect in every other area of our business. It is representative of us being a white-collar junk removal business in a blue-collar industry.

We found that if the truck has trash in the cab, like candy or food wrappers, the people who work in it are less likely to have respect for it. And this attitude can carry over into other areas of the business, from the inventory we need on the job, to sloppy uniforms, to the level of respect we have for a client’s home or business.

We don’t want that attitude among our employees, so every weeknight, we clear out and vacuum the cabs and fill our trucks with fuel. And once a week, wash each truck all over. It’s a matter of crossing the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s,” and is just one of the things that sets 123JUNK apart.

The truck sends a representative message that is greater than a clean truck. We believe that if the truck isn’t clean, it is representative of a business model that is in disarray. That attention to detail speaks volumes about how we do business and how we'll succeed long into the future.

It all starts with the truck!

Reston Town Center

When people think junk hauling, their minds most often jump to residential needs. But did you know that we have a booming business with retail establishments? We’re often hired by large shopping centers, retail management companies or by multi-use complexes where businesses and retail outlets share the area.

Retailers Need 123JUNK

When dealing with the public, especially in retail, there is always need for change. Retailers move out and others move in; displays are changed out; or stores remodel or refresh stale concepts.

Then, of course, there's always the matter of what to do with that overstuffed storage area. Most likely it contains items you haven't used or even seen for years. With a storage area cleanout, you will have much more space to store and easily locate items for your customers, and you'll be helping others with your donations.

The way that retailers clear out old materials like carpeting, fixtures, furniture, small appliances, or office furniture or equipment is to call a hauling service.

Retail Management Companies Rely on 123JUNK

123JUNK also receives junk removal requests from the companies who manage retail centers in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. They bring us in to help their tenants clear out the loading dock area, or when a quantity of junk and trash is dumped behind the shopping center, for example—everything from furniture and fixtures to trash.

Management companies need a company on which they can rely. They don't have time to wait for estimates or deal with companies who arrive late. Their businesses depend on their services to remain vibrant. A professional company like 123JUNK remains at the top of their "to call" list.

Nobody Wants an Unsightly Shopping Center

Retailers live and die by the foot traffic through their stores, so they certainly don’t want to let an unsightly mess deter their customers. The more quickly the junk is removed, the faster they can get back to what they do best: serving their customers.

Our Environmental Commitment

Once we’ve removed your junk, our trained, uniformed staff will sort through the picked-up items and determine whether they can be repurposed, recycled or disposed of, according to our three-pronged environmental approach. We’ll deliver furniture and other items that can be repurposed back into the community to our charity partners, and deliver any recycle items like metals or electronics to the local recycling center. We’d rather not use the landfill unless we have to.

Contact Us

123JUNK is glad to provide a free, all-inclusive estimate, and quick turnaround service on hauling jobs. Please contact us today. Someone someone will always answer the phone in person.

moving company

While 123JUNK does not providing moving services, we work with a lot of moving companies to help clear out spaces both before and after people move. And we hate to hear bad stories about movers. We don’t operate our company that way and certainly don’t want to see our customers have bad experiences either.

Because we care about the homeowners in our territory throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., here is some advice on how to choose the right moving company and prevent fraud.

  1. Ask for recommendations. As your friends, relatives, real estate agent—or us—for recommendations on a good moving company.
  2. Get an in-person estimate. Don’t rely on internet estimates. Be sure the mover has come to your home or office to assess the quantity of items to move. Get a written estimate or a binding “not-to-exceed” estimate. Ask about differences in estimates: one company may provide items another does not.
  3. Check with several companies. Have several companies visit your home to provide estimates. Make sure the estimate contains the words “Written binding estimate” as well as the mover’s signature and date. Never sign a document that isn’t fully filled in or hasn’t been explained.
  4. Show them everything. Take the estimator into every space in your home, including the attic, basement, shed and closets. They will need to get an accurate assessment of the items you want to move, and prepare the correct size truck for the job. Do not hire a mover that provides a quote based on cubic feet.
  5. Don’t assume the biggest companies are the best. You may be able to get a better referral and a sweeter price from a smaller company.
  6. Research the company on line. Check references, testimonials and even consumer-advocacy sites like the Better Business Bureau or or Take heed if you see a bad report. Call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Safety and Consumer Complaints hotline at 888-368-7238 to check for complaints.
  7. Prepare the mover for issues at your new home. If there a parking problem, distance to the front door, stairs or other complications at your new home, let your mover know this ahead of time or they may challenge the estimate.
  8. Expect the final cost to be more than the estimate. Estimates are based on weight and distance, plus the amount of time a job will take, and often unexpected items come up.
  9. Read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” This is a free booklet provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, and Federal law requires interstate movers to provide you with it. Download a copy at
  10. Check the moving company’s licenses and insurance. Make sure you are covered through their company’s policies. You can also purchase additional insurance.
  11. Make sure the moving truck is branded. A reputable moving company will provide trucks that are permanently marked with their company’s name. Do not use a mover that uses a magnetic sign on a rental truck.
  12. During the move, keep their contact information handy. Do not pack the estimate, packing list or contact information. Keep it with you during the move.

What about the stuff you're not moving?

We hope this information helps you to have a pleasant moving experience. And remember, when you’re ready to move, call 123JUNK to help clear out unwanted items you don’t want to pay to move, or even help prepare your home for showing by hauling away clutter or yard debris.

With our three-pronged approach of Donate, Recycle and Dispose, 123JUNK will sort through your items and delivery usable ones to our charitable partners, providing you with a tax-deductible receipt. Items that can be recycled, such as old electronics, metal or components we deliver to the recycling center. And only then do we take the rest to the area landfills. It is our goal to protect our environment to our best ability while providing the utmost service to our customers. Call 123JUNK today for a junk removal estimate or to schedule your appointment.