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clean bath sink

Did you just get a call that company is dropping by in ten minutes? Did your spouse just text you to say they are bringing home the boss? Yikes! The house is a mess!

This is not the time to panic…this is the time to get busy with these ten-minute “fake cleaning” tips that will at least make your home presentable to last-minute guests.

  • Sweep the entranceway 

    Make a good first impression by giving the inside and outside entryway a quick once-over. Hang coats and hats and close closet doors. Straighten mats and rugs.
  • Load the dishwasher

    Throw all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. You can always go back later and sort them out. At least get them off the counters and out of the sink. You can also hide larger items like pots and pans in the oven. Just don’t forget to take them out before you use the oven again.
  • Grab the laundry basket

    Your laundry basket makes a great catch-all for anything that’s lying around. Fill it with books, magazines, toys, clothes, and tuck it away out of sight.
  • Clear off surfaces

    Make a clean sweep of surfaces on the tables, chairs, coffee table, side tables, and counters. Use the laundry basket tip or tuck items into cabinets for the time being. Do a quick wipe-down of surfaces to remove dust and grime. A little lemon Pledge will also add a fresh scent to the home.
  • Wipe down the bathrooms

    Grab the sponge and wipe down sink areas in the bathrooms. Stash countertop items in drawers or cabinets. Hang a fresh hand towel, and re-hang bath towels that may have fallen onto the floor. Ensure that the toilet is spotless as well. Pull the shower curtain closed.
  • Use throws 

    Use decorative throws to cover stains and spots on chairs and couches.
  • Vacuum

    If you have time, run the vacuum cleaner in the public rooms, but only worry about the visible parts. You can clean under the chairs later. Run a Swiffer mop across the kitchen and bathroom floors.
  • Get the family involved

    Declare a “state of emergency” in the household and give each member a task of their own to complete. Set a timer to make the game more fun.
  • Make the beds

    Straighten the linens if bedrooms are in sight, or kids will be playing in the bedrooms. The master bedroom is a great place to toss anything—visitors rarely go in there.
  • Spray Febreze

    Get rid of stale cooking odors and pet or athletic smells with a quick spray of Febreze air freshener. But don’t overdo it. You don’t want your home smelling like a garden after all. You can also light a candle or two to help freshen the air.
  • Don’t forget about you!

    Remember to leave a minute or two to freshen yourself up as well. Comb your hair, wipe your face or retouch your makeup, and put on a clean outfit.

Any home can be flash-cleaned in with these ten-minute cleanup tips.

Do You Have Too Much Stuff? Call 123JUNK for Junk Removal Service.

Are you struggling with a messy house? The problem may be that you have too much clutter. There’s a simple solution—123JUNK. We’ll be glad to help you declutter your home, and will take away anything that’s in the way—well almost anything. You might want to keep the kids and the dog. Just kidding.

But seriously, we make it our business to help families have better lives by reducing their clutter load with our junk removal service. With less clutter you will be able to function better in your home and clean-up will be a breeze. Make it a challenge to see how much each member of the family can do away with. And think about items you can donate that can help someone else who doesn’t have much.

You don’t need to sort your items, just make one pile and point us to it. 123JUNK will take it all. We will sort your load and remove anything that can be repurposed or recycled, and only then take the remained to the local landfill. If you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C., contact 123JUNK today to schedule your junk removal pickup.

Each and every client who calls into 123JUNK has a reason they need us. Sometimes they need to clean out a house where a recent tenant has vacated. Other times they are redecorating and want to donate old furnishings and household décor, or a loved one has passed away and the family is tasked with sorting and distributing their belongings. Regardless of the reason, each client has their own story.

Here are just a few of their stories…and their glowing reviews.

Recommended By Our Movers

"123JUNK was referred to me by our movers. We are renovating our house and needed our old appliances and furniture removed – with items sorted for donation, recycle, and junk. The 123JUNK team dealt with my fluid plans and rescheduled me as needed. When they arrived, they were on time and extremely courteous. They did a good job educating me on how the items would be distributed, and reassured me that nothing would find its way into a landfill. They moved some very heavy items through a basement that is in the process of being built, and through very narrow entrances. They swept up the old house for me, even rooms that did not have items for them to move. I thought they were terrific and I recommend them very highly."  – ML P., Bethesda, MD

DC Walkup Junk Haul

“These guys are really great. I used their services yesterday to get rid of unwanted furniture and junk. Three guys showed up, gave me a very reasonable estimate up front, and carefully and quietly (I live in a walk up apartment building) removed all the items. On top of it, they were really fast. It was in and out. Done. I’d recommend 123JUNKI - Super professional, friendly, on time, and stayed in communication with me as needed. Someone picked up the phone every single time I called to answer any questions (Great service!)”  – CC, Washington, DC

Tenants Leave Junk Behind

“[123JUNK] should be called the Dream Team Junk Removal. I called them to remove an old ride-on lawnmower from under a deck, and by chance it was the day after our tenants vacated the property, leaving a ton of junk along the driveway and curb. I called 123JUNK to let them know we may have a lot more junk than I thought, and they said they would make sure the truck had ample space just in case. 123JUNK was super helpful about helping us get the rest of the stuff from the deck, the home and the curb. It was like having angels in the midst of a nightmare. They were super organized, positive, helpful…Best Junk Removal Ever. As a Realtor, I will keep this number handy for future junk removals.” – Madi G., Leesburg, VA

Quick House Clean Out

“I’ve used [123JUNK] 3 times and I can’t say enough good things. The customer service is great, the workers are friendly and they are quick at removing items. I used them to clear out a property I’m selling (small single family). It took a little under 2 hours to clear the entire 1st floor with only 2 men. I would recommend them to anyone.”  – Moni M., Woodbridge, VA

Compassion Following a Family Loss

"After suffering a loss in the family, I needed help cleaning out the house. I called [123JUNK]. They were compassionate and straightforward. They arrived on time and were polite and efficient. They communicated clearly and when they happened upon something they thought might be of value, they asked. The price was reasonable and when they had to add a second truck they politely informed me of the price change and waited for approval.”  – Mark C., Vienna, VA

Move Out Clean Out

“These folks at awesome. No need to search any further for a junk hauler. Great communication and accommodation of our needs. They did a move out clean out for us. Fast, no damage, and extremely courteous in every aspect. They made sure of what went and what did not. Very fair pricing that is presented before they commenced work. Could not be happier.”  – Doug Z., Clovis, CA

Speedy Basement Clear Out

“This is the second time we’ve used 123JUNK, and I couldn’t be more pleased. After renovating our basement we had a lot of things that we had stored and just didn’t use any longer. The Maryland crew came in and made quick work of removing old doors, shelves, cabinets, suitcases and other stuff. Their quick service was matched by the office’s speedy and efficient scheduling. I highly recommend 123JUNK for helping you declutter and purge!”  – Dwight C., Washington, DC

Want More 123JUNK Stories? Or Want To Leave One of Your Own?

If you’d like to read more stories about 123JUNK’s jobs, check out our reviews on Yelp! or Google And be sure to leave your own review! If you want to create a story of your own, call 123JUNK today! 

Recycling numbers

We all know we’re supposed to be recycling our plastics. But did you know that not all plastics are recyclable? There is actually a key to what can and cannot be recycled right on a lot of our plastic goods themselves!

If you look closely at a water or soda bottle or plastic food container, for example, you will find a small number encased on a triangle composed of arrows. This is the key to the types of plastic and how it should be recycled. Here is a quick guide on what you can place in your recycling bin, and what needs to be tossed into the trash, based on those recycling numbers.

Recycling Numbers Explained

#1 PETE or PET = polyethylene terephthalate

Found in: soft drink or water bottles, fruit juice containers, detergent and cleaners bottles, cooking oil, peanut butter jars, salad dressing bottles

  • Can it be recycled? Yes: recyclable but not reusable

This plastic is commonly used in consumer products, mostly in drink bottles and intended for single-use applications. It is difficult to decontaminate. PET is recyclable; crushed and shredded to make new bottles or polyester fibers for garments, carpets and other products.

  • What you can do: Use reusable drink containers

#2 HDPE = high-density polyethylene

Found in: milk and water jugs, bleach and detergent bottles, shampoo and bath soap bottles, plastic bags, household cleaner bottles and butter tubs

  • Can it be recycled? Yes: reusable and recyclable

This stiff plastic is used for milk jugs, detergent bottles, oil bottles and toys. Since it is hard-wearing, it does not break down easily under sunlight or extreme temperatures. Therefore, it is used for plastic lumber, picnic tables, waste binds, truck bed liners and raised garden beds.

  • What you can do: Cut down on disposable bottles

#3 PVC = polyvinyl chloride

Found in: plastic piping, food wraps, blister packaging, cooking oils, some detergent bottles, shower curtains, lawn furniture

  • Can it be recycled? No: do not use for reapplication with food

This soft and flexible plastic contains numerous toxins that can leach out throughout its lifetime and is impervious to sunlight and weather conditions. It is often used to make garden hoses, raised beds and window frames.

  • What you can do: Use food wraps other than plastic wrap

#4 LDPE = low-density polyethylene

Found in: plastic grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, flexible film packaging, squeezable bottles, six pack rings, some furniture

  • Can it be recycled? Mostly no: reusable but not always recyclable

This plastic is found in shrink wraps, most grocery store bags and bread packaging and is considered relatively safe for use, with less toxins. It is recycled into plastic lumber, garbage can liners and floor tiles.

  • What you can do: Use cloth grocery bags.

#5 PP = polypropylene

Found in: bottle tops, syrup bottles, yogurt tubs, car parts, some food containers

  • Can it be recycled? Sometimes

This plastic is lightweight and sturdy, with heat-resistant and moisture-barrier qualities. It is used as the liner in cereal boxes, potato chip bags, straws and packing tape. Once recycled, it is used to make battery cases, brooms, bins and trays.

  • What you can do: Use paper or reusable straws and cloth diapers

#6 PS = polystyrene

Found in: meat trays, egg cartons, plastic plates and cutlery, carry-out containers, clear trays, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, rigid insulation, laminate flooring underlay

  • Can it be recycled? Sometimes, but not often

This plastic is lightweight and easily formed into shapes. Since it is structurally weak, it can easily be broken up when disposed of and pieces are often found floating in our bodies of water, thus creating a hazard for marine life. It can also be a hazard for humans, as it can leach styrene into food products.

  • What you can do: Use a reusable coffee mug and reusable food containers

#7 Other

Found in: Five-gallon water containers, DVDs, sippy cups, other plastics including acrylic, polycarbonate, polyactic fibers, nylon and fiberglass, combinations of plastics

  • Can it be recycled? No

This plastic category includes anything not applicable for the other categories and may contain toxins that can leach into food or drinks. Not recommended for heating liquids.

  • What you can do: Avoid #7 plastics for food service

Let 123JUNK Sort Your Junk For You

With 123JUNK, we try to make keeping a healthy environment as easy as possible for our clients., but there's no need for you to worry about the recycling numbers unless you are keeping a recycling bin. We will pick up your entire load from one pile—there’s no need to sort items when you call 123JUNK. That’s our job. We cull through each junk haul and sort out items that can be repurposed (like furniture) and those that can be recycled and deliver them to either one of our charity partners or the recycling station. Only then do we dump the rest. It’s our commitment to the environment.

Do your bit for our environment by calling 123JUNK to schedule your pickup. We’ll be glad to help!

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Old carpeting


It’s an exciting day when you’ve decided to get new carpeting! It will give your home or office a fresh makeover! The only thing standing in your way is the removal of your old carpeting. Here are some tricks of the trade to try when removing old carpeting.

How to Remove Old Carpeting

Step 1: Pull it Back

Begin by protecting your hands with heavy work gloves. Starting in one corner, begin to cut the carpeting with a utility knife. If it is difficult, use your pliers to pull up a corner of the carpet and the tack strip holding it down. Continue to pull the carpet towards you, rolling it up as you go.

Step 2: Cut it into Strips

Removing large pieces of old carpet will be easier if you cut it after you’ve rolled up or folded up about 3-4 feet of carpeting. Cut the length with your utility knife where it’s folded over. These smaller pieces will be easier to handle and lighter when you remove them.

Step 3: Work Carefully

Carefully maneuver areas where old carpeting connects with other flooring types, like wood or vinyl. Try not to damage any connecting transitions.

Step 4: Remove Padding

If there is padding below the carpet, remove that as well. It may be loose or stapled into place. Using your pliers, carefully remove all staples as you go. If the carpet padding is glued to the foundation base, such as is often done with concrete floors, use a scraper to remove as much as you can.

Step 5: Call 123JUNK

Your trash collector will not haul away old carpeting or padding, so you won’t be able to toss it into garbage bin. Instead, call 123JUNK to take away your old carpeting.

Can Old Carpeting Be Recycled?

Carpets are filled with fibers and chemicals that don’t allow them to break down in landfills. Fortunately, some carpet can be recycled and broken down into its raw materials that can be used to make new carpet. There’s even an organization dedicated to recycling old carpet: the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE). Since its inception in 2002, it has recycled more than 3.6 billion pounds of carpet, keeping it out of our landfills. In our area, DC Foam Recycle Center helps.

Let 123JUNK Remove Your Old Carpeting

123JUNK is used to big jobs like hauling away a household’s or office’s old carpeting. If there are elements that can be recycled, we deliver directly to the recycling centers in our area as part of our green initiatives. If it is not salvageable in any way, we’ll take it to the dump for you.

You don’t have to worry about straining your back lifting heavy yards of old carpet, or incurring injuries from tacks or nails. Once you’ve pulled the carpet up, you can hire us to do the heavy work of carpet removal for you. You’ll also enjoy 123JUNK’s all-inclusive pricing and easy scheduling process. Just one phone and we’re on our way.

When you need to remove old carpeting yourself, try these tricks. And then contact 123JUNK to haul it all away. We serve homeowners and businesses throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Marie Kondo

World-renowned organizational expert Marie Kondo is now appearing on an original Netflix series of inspiring home makeovers titled Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

Released on January 1, 2019, the eight new shows in Season 1 run between 35 and 50 minutes each and show Marie Kondo helping American families get rid of clutter to reorganize their lives through her now-famous KonMari Method. The show demonstrates the positive impact the act of tidying up can have on a family’s happiness when they keep only objects that inspire joy.

The 8 Netflix episodes are titled:

  • Tidying with Toddlers
  • Empty Nesters
  • The Downsizers
  • Sparking Joy after a Loss
  • From Students to Improvements
  • Breaking Free from a Mountain of Stuff
  • Making Room for Baby
  • When Two (Messes) Become One

Marie Kondo: Best-Selling Author

Marie Kondo became known following the release of her #1 New York Times best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” released in 2014. In it, she demonstrates the KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing and storing items you own.

The book’s overview promises, “If you properly simplify and organize your home once, you’ll never have to do it again. Most methods advocate a room-by-room or little-by-little approach, which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever. The KonMari Method, with its revolutionary category-by-category system, leads to lasting results.”

There are six rules to Kondo’s KonMari Method:

  1. Commit
  2. Imagine the ideal life you wish to live
  3. Ask yourself, “Does it spark joy?”
  4. Discard
  5. Tidy by category
  6. Follow the order above

Marie Kondo is also the author of “Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up”. This book features an illustrated guide to the KonMari Method, with step-by-step folding illustrations and drawings of organized drawers and closets.

In 2017, Marie Kondo released her third book: “The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story.” This is a graphic novel that tells a quirky story of Chiaki, a young woman in Tokyo who transforms her home, work and love life using Kondo’s advice and inspiration. Through a series of entertaining and insightful lessons, Kondo helps Chiaki get her home and life in order. Illustrations by award-winning manga artist Yuko Uramoto.

What To Do With All That Discarded Clutter…Call 123JUNK.

Marie Kondo’s method of simplifying and organizing calls for you to dump everything into one pile, then sort it according to whether it “sparks joy” in your life or not. If it doesn’t, it goes into the discard pile. The items that do spark joy are organized in the KonMari Method in your drawers, closets and life.

People who do the KonMari Method generally end up with a large pile of stuff that they wonder why they were keeping in the first place! But not to worry, because 123JUNK is nearby to take that discard pile off your hands. We are the next logical step in the organizing process!

You don’t need to sort items in your discard pile. And you don’t need to make just one pile. All you need to do is point the professional, uniformed team members from 123JUNK to the piles you want to disappear. And poof, they’re gone!

We’ll do the job of sorting through your items ourselves and donate household goods and furniture to our local charity partners (and send you a receipt for your donation). We’ll also recycle items to the area recycling center. You’ll not only be helping your own state of life by tidying up, you’ll be helping other families and the environment through our green initiatives.

When you’re ready to tidy up and clean out, and are located in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C., call 123JUNK. We’ll give you our all-inclusive pricing and schedule a convenient time for pickup. Contact us today.

New Years Resolutions

Every January, many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. We may want to lose weight or go to the gym more. Or we may pledge to be more organized in the New Year. Here are some New Year’s Resolutions to organize your life. 

New Year's Resolutions for an Organized Life

#1. Create Homes

Each object you own should have a “home.” If it doesn’t already, create homes for everything. Hang a hook near the front door for your keys and purchase a toy box where all the playthings can be stored. Be sure to return each item to its home after use. In the office, create files instead of piles.

#2. Touch it Once

One of the best ways to remain clutter-free is to place an item where it is supposed to go after you pick it up. Do not lay it down and think you’ll get to it later. Immediately return it to its home or take it to the next action in the chain. Hang the clothes in the closet after you take them off, put the newspaper into the recycling bin after you’ve read it, or sort the mail into a “bills to pay” basket or “trash” bin as it comes into the door.

#3. Organize By Kind

Sort items into categories and create storage areas for like items. Hang hooks in the garage for sports equipment, purchase bins to gather baking tools together, or install shelving for arts and crafts. Hang clothing by season and style: put short-sleeved items together and long-sleeved items together, for example, so you can easily grab the style you need without having to search the entire closet.

#4. Purge Regularly

Make a New Year’s Resolution to plan a purge at least twice a year to get rid of items you don’t like or don’t use. Change out your clothes by season and use that time to cull out items you no longer wear. Go through the kitchen drawers and donate gadgets you never use. Going through items on a regular basis will allow you to deep clean the area and re-organize things that have gotten out of order.

#5. Develop Good Habits

Organizing your home once will not ensure that it functions as you would like it to. Create good habits of putting items away into their dedicated spaces after you use them, and if you bring a new item into the house, see if you can get rid of one in return.

#6. Enlist Help

Why not get the entire family on board with your New Year’s Resolutions for an organized life. Clearly label areas where items should go and hold each member accountable for putting items away where they belong. Assign areas of responsibility, like their own rooms or play areas.

#7 Call 123JUNK

When you’ve accumulated a pile of items you would like to get rid of, contact 123JUNK. We can schedule one pickup to take it all away—you don’t need to sort items yourself. We’ll do that for you. After we’ve picked up each load from our clients, we sort through it to find items we can deliver to one of our charity partners. They can place these items into their retail stores to raise money for their missions or, in return, donate them to families who need assistance. We’ll send you a receipt for your donation that you can use against your yearly tax burden.

123JUNK also sorts out anything that can be recycled, like old electronics and deliver these items to the local recycling center. It is our initiative to “go green” as much as possible. It’s our little bit we can do to help our local communities and the environment as a whole.

You don’t have to worry about donating, recycling or taking loads of items to the dump. With one phone call to 123JUNK, it can all be done quickly and easily. If you’re located in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C. and want to keep your New Year's Resolutions for an organized life, call 123JUNK to schedule your junk hauling.

Old refrigerator

Your refrigerator is one of the most essential elements of your home. It stands at the heart of your kitchen, and when it stops working, the entire household can go into a panic. Rather than wait until your fridge dies a slow and painful death, how do you know it’s time to replace your refrigerator?

When to Replace Your Refrigerator

  • It’s making weird noises. If your refrigerator is making a loud thud or clanking sound when the compressor comes on or goes off, or you hear a loud humming, it is probably on its last leg. If the compressor is not working correctly, you may notice temperatures inside the fridge are higher than they should be. If adjusting the thermostat doesn’t fix it, replace the appliance.
  • You spot condensation. If you are finding puddles or beads of water inside your refrigerator it could either mean that the door seals have gone bad and are leaking air, or that your refrigerator is no longer working effectively.
  • Food is too warm or too cold. If your food is going bad quickly, the refrigerator can be too warm. If the food is freezing inside the refrigerator, the interior is too cold. If adjusting the thermostat doesn’t help, start looking at new models.
  • It’s overheating. If you feel excessive heat coming from underneath or behind your refrigerator, it may be overheating, which can be a potential fire danger. Check the coils, and ensure that they are clean. If this doesn’t fix the problem, replace the fridge.
  • Energy bills are higher. If you have an older model refrigerator, you don’t have the most energy-efficient appliance and can be burning excess energy, thus raising your utility bills. Look for an Energy Star sticker on your refrigerator, a refrigerator with the sticker uses half the energy as one without it. If your refrigerator doesn’t have an Energy Star sticker, or it’s more than 15 years old, it’s probably time to replace the fridge.
  • It stopped running. If the refrigerator motor stops running, the appliance is most likely gone. Give it a pat for a good, long run, and head out to the appliance store to buy a new one.

Related: 9 Obvious Signs You Need a New Refrigerator

What to Do With an Old Refrigerator

There are a couple of options for getting rid of an old refrigerator:

  • Donate it. If the refrigerator is in good running order and you just want to replace it, consider donating it to a local charity group. For example, you’re remodeling and are installing a state-of-the-art kitchen, or you just want to replace the avocado green for a stainless steel version. There are lots of families starting new households who would be thrilled to get your cast-off.
  • Dispose of it. If the refrigerator is no longer in good working order, and you want to get rid of it, you can’t just take it to the dump and drop it off. Since a refrigerator contains environmentally-harmful chemicals like freon, it must be disposed of properly.
  • Call 123JUNK. When you need to get rid of your old refrigerator, you only have to make one phone call—to 123JUNK. We can pick up your working or non-working refrigerator and either deliver it to one of our charity partners, or deliver it to the proper recycling center for you. If donated, we’ll provide you with a receipt you can use as a charity tax deduction.

123JUNK Hauls Refrigerators

When it’s time to haul away the old refrigerator—or perform any appliance removal — in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C., 123JUNK can help. Just give us a call to schedule your pickup time. Contact us today.

Maryland flag

When 123JUNK works in Rockville, Potomac and Bethesda, Maryland we receive so much thanks from our clients. We love it!

We have learned that the people who live in Rockville, Potomac and Bethesda lead very busy lives and don’t often have the time or energy to deal with disposal of items from their homes, like old appliances, outdated electronics, furniture, or yard waste and debris. They’d rather have us come out and take care of this than spend their own time loading and hauling items to the dump or recycling center.

“From the initial conversation on the phone to the pickup, I was impressed with the process and everyone involved. It seems like a well-run organization.” – Addison V., Rockville, MD

Your Donations Help Your Community

Home and business owners in Rockville, Potomac and Bethesda area also pleased that their donations of usable household or business can items go to help others in their own communities. A couple of the charitable partners we deliver items to include the Rockville Habitat for Humanity ReStore and the Montgomery County Humane Society. When you donate items, we document your donation and deliver a receipt to you for your tax deductions. (Read our previous Humane Society post and Rockville ReStore post.)

“I couldn’t believe how fast you emptied my condo!  I called late Thursday afternoon, and by Friday at noon, it was broom swept! The best part—a donation receipt from Habitat ReStore was waiting in our mailbox when we arrived at our new home a week later. Talk about following through on your promise!” –Maria M., Bethesda, MD

Since opening our satellite office in Gaithersburg, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in clients throughout the area. The word must be spreading! We thank all of our clients and partners for their referrals. We strive to provide the highest-quality in service, personnel and professionalism—even though we sometimes handle some of the dirtiest jobs around. Our trucks are washed weekly, and cleaned out daily to preserve that image and uphold the standards we set.

“From the discussions on the phone to the guys that showed up…everyone was positive and professional.” –Catherine M., Potomac, MD

Need Junk Hauling in Rockville, Bethesda or Potomac? Call 123JUNK.

We’d love the opportunity to work with you. If you have a home or office in or around Rockville, Bethesda or Potomac, MD—or anywhere else in the DC Metro area—that needs junk removal services, please give 123JUNK a call.

“The workers were very friendly and did a great job. They used a runner so my carpets wouldn’t get dirty. They answered all questions and were extremely helpful!” –Mel F., Rockville, MD

When you call, you’ll reach one of our excellent staff members who can explain the simple process of setting your appointment, preparing your items for hauling, and our convenient all-inclusive billing process. No surprises or automated answering services here! Contact 123JUNK today.

“Excellent communication all the way through. I felt very comfortable having your team in my home.” –Sara K. Potomac, MD

Desk organization

There are two types of people in this world: pilers and filers. Pilers are the type of people who need to keep everything in visual sight, so they make piles of papers. And even though it may seem disorganized, pilers usually know what is in each pile and how to find things when they need them. Filers, on the other hand, have systems to put away everything in its place, and create physical or digital filing systems for their papers. Look at their offices and the surfaces are clean. Pilers vs. filers: is one way better than the other? Each organizational method works for its personality type.

If you’re a piler, you may look at the stacks of papers in your office and wish you had a better system. Or your boss may be constantly saying, “Clean up your office.” If this is you, take hope.  Although you can’t change your style, there are ways to take control of your office paper piles while still keeping everything in sight and easy reach.

Create Cubbies

Instead of filing cabinets, invest in open shelves with cubbies where you can store office papers in categories. Create labels for each cubby that will help you to quickly identify the contents of each.

Buy Stacked Files

Purchase one or more sets of stacking file trays to keep on or near your desk. Create an inbox and outbox. Organize the files by internal and client work.

Use Color Coding

Professional organizers recommend using color to help visually organize paper piles. Choose red file folders or labels for urgent matters, purple folders for client files, yellow folders for office work, etc. Create a filing system fully coordinated by color and you will easily be able to grab the work you need in a jiffy.

Post It

Use a bulletin board or white board to keep track of important notes and documents. Purchase a set of clear project envelopes and pin them to a wall track, putting everything belonging to each client in its designated envelope.

Touch it Once

Employ the “touch it once” method of dealing with office papers. Pick up one paper or file at a time and deal with it on the spot with one of these three methods: do it now, file it or trash it. We get into trouble with out-of-control paper stacks when we put everything into a pile designed as “I’ll get to this later.”

Purge Regularly

Monthly or once a quarter, purge outdated files and office papers. Otherwise, the piles will grow to become out of hand. Set aside a regular time, such as the first day of the month to reassess and reorganize your piles.

Accept the fact that you are a piler and don’t worry about it. Simply employ organizational methods that keep your office looking tidy while offering you the organizational style that works for you.

Getting Rid of Paper Piles? Call 123JUNK

Once you’ve eliminated stacks of office paper, call 123JUNK to come pick them up. We work with office workers (and homeowners) throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. to make sure everything is recycled or disposed of properly. Keep in mind that we also remove office equipment, furniture, and electronics as part of our junk removal service.

Want to get control of your paper piles? Contact 123JUNK today to schedule your office paper pickup.

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The entire team at 123JUNK wants to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season this year. We also want to take this moment to remind people how much the small event of clearing out their house or office helps so many families in our own communities.

This year, 123JUNK performed thousands and thousands of junk hauling jobs throughout Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. In almost every one (if not all) of these jobs, we were able to find items that we could donate to one of our charity partners.

Our trained teams go through each load we pick up and carefully pull out items such as furniture, household and kitchen goods, working appliances, and so much more that are still perfectly usable. We deliver these to our pickup locations, and sometimes to the charity partner themselves, so that they can either sell them in their retail stores to raise money for their causes and community members, or donate these items directly to families who need them.

Here’s How Your Donated “Junk” Helps Others Year Round

The Loudoun Habitat ReStore and Habitat ReStore Metro Maryland use these donated items to help esatablish homes for singles and families in their communities who could not afford to do so on their own. While Northern Virginia Family Services helps to empower individuals to improve their quality of life through initiatives in mental health, foster care and adoption, early childhood development, homelessness, and workforce development, to name a few services. The Montgomery County Humane Society uses the sales to raise money to care for abandoned and needy animals.

A Wider Circle provides household items and small goods to families transitioning out of shelters, living without the basic items for life, or those escaping from domestic violence to set up households—up to 4,000 a year! The organization also helps adults to prepare to get jobs and offers wellness and mother/baby programs.

The organization No One Left Behind helps to create households from nothing for Afghan and Iraqi combat interpreters and their families relocated to the United States by the U.S. Government in order to often save their lives from Taliban retaliation.

Bring New Life to Others in Your Community Through 123JUNK

During the holidays, when you think of giving, think beyond the brightly-wrapped gifts to how items you no longer need or want can mean so much to those in our community who have little or nothing—those who are starting over, or those who are arriving in this country alone and afraid. All you have to do is call 123JUNK and we’ll gladly come to your home and office and haul away your junk (in our bright red—how festive—uniforms and trucks!). Contact us today to schedule your pickup.

123JUNK is proud to be a part of our communities in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., and thankful this holiday season to all the people who use our service. We wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

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123JUNK has a good problem. We’re busy! So that means we’re looking for new team members.

The 123JUNK process for getting hired isn’t easy. We want to ensure that we hire the right people for the right positions. You can read more about our hiring process in our November 20, 2017 Blog Post.

But once they’ve passed our rigorous hiring process at 123JUNK and they’re in, our employees love it here! We provide a fun and challenging work environment and a clear career path for those who want to advance with the company…all the way to the top! 

Often times our current employees are the ones who refer potential employees to our company. We’ve hired a number of team members that way.

If you’d like to find out more about working at 123JUNK, learn what positions are available, and are interested in a career here, please contact us at 703-400-7645.

Thanks to Those Who Help 123JUNK Grow

123JUNK is proud to be a locally-owned junk hauling company serving Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. But we didn’t get to where we are alone. Many people helped us to get where we are today.

Our Employees

The loyalty our employees show to our company and our Core Values is immeasurable. This passion for junk hauling (believe it or not) shows in every job, from the team members on the truck to inside sales to management. Every team member is well trained to represent our corporate culture with each and every person with whom they come into contact, whether it is our referral partners, our nonprofit partners, clients or vendors.

Our Partners

Our business development team members work hard to build solid relationships with those who need our services for their own companies or their own clients. You might find our business development representative (and Jake the Junkman) visiting a Realtor office in the morning, and a Property Manager or Nonprofit’s office in the afternoon. This helps us to not only create the initial relationship, but to reinforce those relationships we already have. When our partners have a junk removal, junk hauling or other services need, they know to reach out to 123JUNK for prompt, courteous and excellent service.

Our Clients

We certainly can’t forget all of the people in the DC Metropolitan area who have already used 123JUNK for junk hauling services. They are our bread and butter and we love them. So keep calling!

Want to Work Here? 123JUNK is Hiring.

We’re hiring top-notch professionals, so if you have an interest in working in a fun environment with a strong career path, consider working with 123JUNK. Contact us today to learn how you can get started.