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Bethesda sits on the northwest edge of Washington, DC, and is one of the richest and most educated places in the United States, according to the numbers. Those kinds of people tend to lead busy lives, and that means 123JUNK can help!

It’s also situated conveniently beside the beltway, keeping commerce flowing freely. That means that, even though we’re based in Northern Virginia, 123JUNK is able to service your junk removal needs, even in Bethesda, MD by taking a quick trip up I-495!

Moving into the DC Area?

A lot of folks move close to Washington, DC for work. Along with a great job market, though, many people find themselves with higher rent for a smaller space. When you find yourself needing to downsize in a hurry, we can help. If you have to part with items that are still in good shape, you can trust in our Donate – Recycle - Dispose process to make sure that your stuff won’t go to waste in a landfill. We’ll even provide you with donation receipts for all of your items that are accepted by our charity partners.

Moving or downsizing out of the area? Why pay to have them shipped across state lines, only to donate or toss them once you arrive? Leave that part up to us, and lighten your load so you can save yourself a few bucks on the front end of your move.

Appliance Disposal in Bethesda

Even if you’re the do-it-yourself type, 123JUNK may be able to help you out. Let’s face it—nobody wants to try to lug a refrigerator up the steps alone. And once the refrigerator is out the door, you still need to safely recover the refrigerant before the unit can be recycled. We offer a flat fee for refrigerator pickup that includes the entire service (labor, responsible refrigerant recovery, and recycling). We can also take your old washing machines and dryers, as well as ovens, ranges, dishwashers, and microwaves. You name the appliance and we can handle it.

Electronics Recycling

Electronics constitute the bulk of toxic waste found in dumps and landfills, yet they account for only a small portion of total landfill volume. Simply put, they’re poisonous for the environment, yet they are regularly dumped. Our network of charities and recyclers allows us to divert all of the electronics in your load from the landfill and into the facilities of recyclers, who reintroduce those electronics back into the market through resale and repurposing of items and their components. Let us sort through that stuff for you!

Bethesda Furniture Removal

Removing your old furniture is the heart of what we do for our Bethesda customers. Don’t break your back trying to get rid of that sectional sofa or larger entertainment center. Think of 123JUNK like professional movers, ensured to come into your property to rid you of your outdated furniture. You make the call and we’ll be there in no time, so that the only finger you have to lift is your pointer finger to direct us to your old furniture!

Customer Reviews - Bethesda, MD

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“I couldn't believe how fast you emptied my condo! I called on late Thursday afternoon, and by Friday at noon, it was broom swept! The best part - a donation receipt from Habitat ReStore was waiting in our mailbox when we arrived at our new home a week later. Talk about following through on your promise!”