began in early 2008 when our founder, Collin Wheeler, was working in residential sales for a DC moving company. At 23 years old, the recent college graduate was struggling to meet his monthly quotas as a sales consultant. While spending his time convincing people to book their moves with him, one thing became quite clear; people didn’t want to pay a moving company to move items that they no longer wished to keep.

Many of these people had even tried to give away their unwanted items to various charities, only to discover that these organizations were very selective in what they would take. In addition, most of them required that the items were to be moved to the front curb for pickup, putting an additional burden on the homeowner. Wait times for these organizations sometimes involved weeks or months – that’s right, months – before they could get a truck out to their property.

An Idea Becomes a Reality

People needed a stress-free, environmentally responsible way to get rid of their old stuff. Collin saw this fresh opportunity, grabbed his life savings, (which as a 23 year old, was not as notable as it may seem), bought an old dump truck and 123JUNK was born.

Since its inception, 123JUNK has grown quickly yet progressively, adding one or two vehicles per year to our fleet. Today, you can’t miss the distinctive look of our shiny red trucks on the way to another haul.

Remaining Committed to Our Mission

From our first job through present day, 123JUNK has faithfully operated with its mission statement clear and top of mind:

To be the leading Donate – Recycle – Dispose Company that delivers the best client experience and makes the biggest difference in its community and its environment.About-us

We've come a long way from our early days with two men and an old beaten up truck. We’ve done so by hiring and carefully training exceptional employees to assist in carrying out 123JUNK’s mission.

Careful communication with our team and clients, collaboration with carefully selected partners and a company culture built on a strong work ethic and integrity, have significantly reinforced the values of our mission statement and, together, form the key elements for our success.

Customer Reviews

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“Your employees were polite, worked really hard, dealt calmly with complicated parking situation, and were problem-solvers.”