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At 123JUNK, our success hinges upon our ability to attract and retain top talent. Our objective is to find and attract sharp, ambitious and dependable individuals who are looking to join the 123JUNK team and help us achieve our full growth potential.

We are currently seeking applicants whose values coincide with our mission to keep as many items out of the landfill as possible. Job seekers with a background or interest in sales, customer service and environmental studies are encouraged to apply, as well as individuals who have experience in delivery or moving. 

A great opportunity awaits you at 123JUNK. Please check it out!


Job Title: Truck Operator/Navigator

Locations: Chantilly, VA & Gaithersburg, MD

The lifeblood of our business. These are our front line folks who give us our great reputation!

Job Title: Client Relationship Manager

Location: Chantilly, VA & Gaithersburg, MD

Seeking intelligent, independent, self-driven business development representatives . 

Job Title: Client Account Representative

Location: Chantilly, VA

This position schedules and manages our appointments and is our clients' first point of contact.

Customer Reviews

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“I was amazed at the speed of the team. Three men managed to load the entire truck in less than 45 minutes without causing any damage to the property. What an efficient service!”