123JUNK charges by volume, not by how long a job takes or how much your load weighs. The final price of the job is determined by the amount of space your items will occupy in the beds of our trucks. That way, you only pay for what we haul away!

Boxes and junk

Fuel, labor, disposal costs, donation deliveries, and any additional expenses are all built into one flat fee. We even tell you the price before we begin, so there are no surprises! Our fees may be modified for special circumstances (ex: several flights of stairs, carries in excess of 50 yards, etc.).

Remember, we are fully insured to come into your property to pick up and remove the items. We have the largest trucks in the industry, which means we have the greatest hauling capacity. The only thing that you have to lift is your finger when you direct us to the junk.

So relax. Simply contact us today. We promise to make your junk removal as easy as 1-2-3JUNK.

Customer Reviews

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“It was just great. I'm already bragging about you to my friends. No business holds a candle to you guys. It's a sign of a good company when the workers are happy and proud of their company. Mario and Joe were just great and it was clear they enjoyed their job. I've worked with movers and they were ok but this was different. I also just like the concept and philosophy you guys have, focusing on donation. It's just a good model. It makes me feel like I'm giving back. But all the way down the line from the guy (Will) scheduling the appointment to the appointment to the follow up, it's just very very good. Thank you!”